Copper rosinate quickly relieves cotton wilt disease

According to local conditions, scientific farming is a new thinking and new indicator for the development of modern agriculture. Xinjiang has a vast territory and abundant sunshine. In recent years, through the east wind of the Internet e-commerce industry, jujube, grapes, app

Shanghai spot copper price trend 2016.3.25

Shanghai spot copper price trend 2016.3.25 We mainly produce EO and PO derivatives which can be used in Cement Additives, Concrete Admixtures. Important raw material for cement grinding aids and strength improvement agent,  improve the Dispersion, reduce the the energ

Ningxiang County, Hunan Province: Rice no-tillage live …

   In recent years, with the increase of the cost of ploughing, the majority of farmers' friends are more resistant to rice no-tillage direct cultivation. This technique is suitable for early rice live broadcast and one season rice live broadcast. It is after any harvest of the las

How to choose sliding door hardware

There are many kinds of sliding door hardware products, which provide consumers with more choices, but the difference between good and bad will definitely cause different degrees of loss to consumers, bringing undue shortcomings. High-quality sliding door hardware products ar

Guangxi discovered 1326 mineral sites in 60 years

Xiao Bian learned from the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Guangxi Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources that the past 60 years, through the efforts of generations of geologists, Guangxi discovered 167 kinds of minerals, of which 124 species identified resource reserves; discover

Waste textiles transformed into building materials

According to a survey conducted by the Madrid Polytechnic University in Spain, about 5.8 million tons of waste textiles will be produced annually in the EU, of which only 1/4 are recycled, and the remaining 3/4 are pulled into landfills or carried out Incineration treatment. To

It is the key to manage the peony well.

Peony management method: In winter, except for the leaves, the leaves are dry and often stay on the branches. Because there are many germs and eggs on the leaves, they should be cut off in time to avoid falling to the ground and spreading pests and diseases in the following year. Cut off dead leav

Jinhejieli Shares Pressure Washer Installation and Usag…

The correct installation and use of Chongqing high-pressure cleaner 1. Chongqing high-pressure cleaner installed correctly 1) The distance between the unit and the water source should be controlled within 100 m. If the distance is too far, it will increase the unit load and reduce the operating ef

Hydraulic Wet Sprayer Spraying Concrete Work Precaution…

What are the precautions for hydraulic wet sprayer spraying concrete? How to operate wet spray concrete safely? The Henan Yuli Wet Spraying Machine Manufacturer explained in detail the precautions of hydraulic wet sprayer spraying concrete and hoped to help the safe operation of the hydraulic wet sp

Planting radish should be good

Choose the land. Radish has strong adaptability to soil, but it is still good in sandy loam with deep soil, rich in organic matter, good drainage and loose and breathable. Growing in a suitable soil, the fleshy roots will be more fat, and the shape is correct, the outer skin is smooth, and the qual