Lighting hardware is a huge profits industry?

According to relevant surveys, at present, 80% of household lighting lighting consumption accounts for an average of 10%-20% of the total cost of home decoration, and commercial lighting accounts for 20%-30% of renovations. The average annual net profit of lighting shops is at least 200,00

Importing SolidWorks drawings into CAD considerations

1) The size is wrong When exporting CAD drawings in SolidWorks, when switching to save as dwg, there are option buttons below, click to enter, as follows: In the proportional output 1:1, click activate, so modify it once, you don't have to change it next time. For the base ratio in the back,

Three characteristics of stainless steel pipe: weldabil…

Three characteristics of Stainless Steel pipe: weldability, corrosion resistance, polishing performance (BQ) Different welding applications have different requirements for welding performance. A type of tableware generally does not require welding performance, and even includes some pot co

How to prevent leakage of the bathroom?

Seven strokes to create a healthy bathroom Trick 1: anti-seepage and anti-mold measures for tiles The walls of the bathroom are often tiled to keep them clean and bright, and can be cleaned with a multi-purpose decontamination cream. As for the tile gap, you can use a toothbrush to remove a

Experts interpret solid wood flooring

Today's attention: solid wood flooring Experts in appearance: Fang Chongrong, deputy director of the Forest Products Quality Inspection and Testing Center (Hangzhou) of the State Forestry Administration Product introduction Solid wood flooring is a floor that is directly processed from

China's iron ore spot trading platform has achieved…

On November 15, the current trading volume of China's iron ore spot trading platform has initially reached the expected level. The benchmark price of the platform is basically consistent with the third-party data, and is constantly improving. Combined with the actual transaction price and price

Environmental protection into the building material ind…

The interpretation of home building culture in the building materials industry means that different companies will have different understandings. Some believe that the entire building materials market is not booming. Consumers cannot say that they have a cultural concept for the consumptio

Disadvantages of pneumatic components

1. Due to the compressibility of the air, the operating speed of the cylinder is subject to changes due to load changes. This problem can be overcome by using gas-liquid linkage. 2. When the cylinder is moving at low speed, the frictional force accounts for a large proportion of the thrust, a

Solar air conditioner

The new type of solar composite superconducting air-conditioning and air conditioning, with solar energy and renewable biomass fuel as the main energy source during heating, is a true green heating method. When cooling, the ground source is used with a small amount of electric energy, and the

Integrated ceiling four major misunderstandings and buy…

Misunderstanding 1: The metal plate is of better quality and higher quality than other plates. Truth: Whether or not the quality of the sheet is good depends not only on the material but on the basis of the installation environment. Different types of panels are suitable for different environment