130 square meters decoration how much money decoration budget four steps

Recently, a friend asked me "How much is a 130-square-meter decoration?" In fact, such a problem is difficult to answer, because each person's decoration style and grade are different, the resulting costs are not the same. Almost every owner needs to make a budget before renovating, so today Xiaobian will share with you the next four simple steps for setting up a decoration budget.

Decoration budget four steps

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the construction, everybody will make a design before the renovation. The design costs a lot and will account for 5%-15% of the total cost. In the actual renovation, many owners choose to design their own new homes. However, if you want to be practical and aesthetically pleasing, unless you are very familiar with the design of the house, you must ask the designer for the decoration. When designers hand over your design drawings, you should also be concerned about the practicality of the house, in addition to whether it is beautiful after the house is finished.

Renovation budget four steps two

The decoration requires the use of a large amount of decorative materials. The cost of the decoration materials is expensive and generally accounts for about 45% of the total renovation price. Before you make a budget, it's best to run a few more building materials markets, visit several shops, and check the bottom price of the materials so that when the decoration company gives you a quote, you will know that it will not be deceived.

Renovation budget four steps three

Everyone needs to hire a decoration master when decorating a new house. Now the decoration master is very tight, and the master's wages are also relatively high. In general, decoration labor costs account for about 35% of the total renovation price. The quality of decorative master craftsmanship is directly related to the effect of construction, so Xiaobian recommends that you hire senior and responsible decoration masters in the industry.

Decoration budget four steps four

In the actual renovation, many owners did not sign corresponding contracts with decoration companies and masters, which led to difficulty in rights protection in the later period. Xiao Bian suggested that whether you are looking for a decoration company decoration, or find a construction team to decorate, it is best to sign the appropriate contract. When signing a contract with the other party, everyone must look at the scope of their rights and interests. After the renovation is completed, if there are quality problems, the decoration company must take responsibility and resolve it. In addition, the decoration costs paid by the owners should be determined according to the specific conditions such as the difficulty of renovation, the level of labor force, and past performance.

Everyone must do a good job before the renovation to eliminate blind decoration, so that we can ensure the smooth progress of the decoration. The above is related to Xiao Bian's 130-square-metre decoration and the four-step decoration budget. If you still have related questions, you are welcome to continue to pay attention to Qijia Information.

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