2017 Myanmar rosewood tea table latest price, and shopping points

In solid wood furniture, Burmese rosewood furniture is particularly popular among consumers. Burmese rosewood is known as the national tree in Myanmar. In the hot market, Burmese rosewood furniture is in short supply and prices are getting higher and higher, but it still does not hold. Can not stop the enthusiasm of consumers, so Xiaobian today brings you the latest price of 2017 Burmese rosewood furniture , and purchase considerations, follow me to see it.

Large fruit rosewood commonly known as: "Myanmar rosewood", mainly distributed in the Indo-China peninsula (Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Western Malaysia and Singapore, etc., large fruit rosewood, hard material, high density, its heartwood is generally orange Brick red, purple, yellow or light yellow, often with dark stripes; but now most Burmese rosewoods on the market are filled with Lao Pear or African Pear, so here, Xiaobian wants to remind everyone Friends of the Myanmar tea table pay attention to the following points:

1. When you buy Burmese rosewood furniture, you should first look at the wood grain clear, the structure is fine and even, some parts have obvious tiger skin pattern, the intermittent is very beautiful; the color is reddish, the wood grain is light red, the whole Looks like meaty; Burmese rosewood, also known as fragrant pear, has a sandalwood fragrance, which is mellow and mellow. The material is hard and heavy.

2. Appearance: One is to look at wood grain, the wood grain of Burmese rosewood is delicate, African rosewood [Hedgehog rosewood (tropical Africa) circulation name African rosewood] is relatively thick, if it is found that dark pattern has more than 1.5CM is African rosewood The second is to see if it is a sputum structure, use a small iron to suck the key parts of the sputum, see if there is any reaction of the iron, if not, it means no nails, and vice versa. Second, we must see if the appearance is veneer.

3. Burmese rosewood tea table looks reasonable: mahogany furniture is not as ergonomic as modern furniture? This is a common misunderstanding. In fact, after long-term evaluation and improvement, many mahogany furniture can meet the requirements of human body function according to the scale of human body function, and it is highly scientific. Taking the chair as an example, the curved back chair and the circle chair are suitable for the human body and have a comfortable sitting.

4. The tea table is beautiful in shape: the solemn and elegant mahogany furniture is unified in the change, the carving is fine, and the lines are smooth. It has both simple and elegant imitation styles, as well as carved dragon paintings, elaborately carved imitation styles, and elegant and generous French styles, which are suitable for different people's aesthetic needs.

5. Look at the structure is rigorous, work fine. Most of the mahogany furniture is made of enamel, which is smart and coincidental, strong and durable, and is highly scientific from a mechanical point of view. Moreover, the traditional mahogany furniture in our country is basically completed by the craftsmen. The craftsman's mind is spent every time, and the overall artistic harmony is also emphasized.

6. Look at the materials to pay attention to. The real Chinese traditional mahogany furniture is made of precious wood, which is excellent in texture, hard and durable, textured, beautiful and lustrous.

2017 latest Myanmar rosewood tea table manufacturers ex-factory price

In 2017, the price of Burmese rosewood furniture will be introduced here. For more information, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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