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Air bearing operation principle

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Air Bearing Operation Principle Summary: Conventional Motor Spindle Bearing Support Spindle Speed ​​Bearing Accuracy Smooth Service Life Air Spindle Managed Spindle Air Suspension Stable High Precision Rotary Spindle Air Bearing Machining Process Accuracy Arrives Completely Rotating Million Turn / This Suspension Bearing Introduction The pressure air completes the pressure relief gap is very small to ensure that the rotating shaft is suspended above the motor air bearing. It is also the liquid dynamic pressure bearing. The common shaft housing is the shaft. The motor shaft is supported by the bearing. The higher the speed; the accuracy of the bearing; the more demanding the smoothness High; the shorter the service life. The air electric spindle tries to suspend the main shaft in the air; and it can rotate stably and with high precision; the precision of the machining process of the main shaft and air bearing can reach the complete rotation speed of 120,000 rpm.
This suspension is accomplished by the pressure air introduced into the bearing cavity; the pressure relief gap is extremely high.
The above is the motor; other air bearings are also the principle.

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