Analysis of the demand for CNC machine tools in the nine manufacturing industries

The aviation industry, aircraft wing, fuselage, tail and other engine parts require a large number of high-speed five-axis machining centers, gantry mobile high-speed machining centers, precision CNC lathes, precision horizontal machining centers, multi-coordinate boring and milling centers, precision gears. And thread machining CNC machine tools.

The aerospace industry requires a large number of precision, high-speed, small and medium-sized CNC machine tools, such as precision CNC lathes and turning centers, vertical and horizontal conversion five-axis machining centers, high-precision electric machining machines, high-precision universal grinding machines and coordinate grinding machines.

The shipbuilding industry is in urgent need of manufacturing heavy-duty, ultra-heavy gantry milling and boring machines for heavy-duty CNC boring and milling machines, as well as large-scale CNC lathes and turning and milling centers, large-scale CNC gear grinding machines, crankshaft boring and milling machines, large-scale crankshaft milling centers and crankshaft grinding machines.

The automobile manufacturing industry is a major demand for machine tools, accounting for about 40% of total machine tool consumption. The automobile manufacturing industry needs a large number of high-efficiency, high-performance, special-purpose CNC machine tools and flexible production lines, such as flexible production lines for high-speed horizontal machining centers and CNC machine tools for crankshaft machining. Automotive parts production requires a large number of CNC lathes, vertical horizontal machining centers, CNC high-efficiency grinding machines and CNC gear processing machines.

The demand for weapons manufacturing in CNC machines is even more extensive, requiring CNC machine tools to be reliable and stable. The weapon manufacturing industry requires a large number of CNC lathes, vertical machining centers, five-axis machining centers, gantry milling machines, boring and milling machining centers, and gear processing machines.

The power generation equipment manufacturing industry needs heavy-duty CNC gantry boring and milling machines, large-scale boring and milling machines, large-scale CNC lathes, special milling machines for blade root grooves and CNC machining machines for blades. The power transmission equipment manufacturing industry needs CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC boring machines, etc.

The metallurgical equipment manufacturing industry focuses on the manufacture of complete sets of continuous casting and rolling equipment, and requires large-scale gantry milling machines and large-scale CNC lathes. China's ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing production scale has grown steadily and rapidly in recent years. As China becomes a manufacturing power, the smelting industry is still growing.

Construction machinery manufacturing demand a large number of small and medium-sized CNC machine tools such as CNC lathes, medium-sized machining centers, CNC milling machines and gear processing machines.

The mold manufacturing industry requires high-speed CNC milling machines, coordinate measuring machines, precision electric machining machines, high-precision machining centers, precision grinding machines, etc.

The electronic information equipment manufacturing industry requires a large number of small precision CNC machine tools: high-speed milling centers, high-speed machining centers, small precision lathes, small precision punching machines, CNC machines for precision and ultra-precision machining, and precision electric machine tools.

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