Analysis on the main characteristics of the development of mold industry in Guangdong

Since the reform and opening up, the geographical advantages of Guangdong adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao and the humanistic advantages of overseas Chinese, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots have been fully exerted. The industries with weak foundations have continued to develop rapidly for more than 20 years, especially for a large number of molds. Industries such as household appliances, electronic communications, information industry, plastics and packaging products, building materials, toys and hardware have been nurtured as important industries in the province's industrial economy, and the mold manufacturing industry is urgently required to accelerate its pace of development and produce more More and better molds to meet the needs of industrial development, but also provide a good business opportunity and broad space for the rapid development of the mold manufacturing industry.

As a key industrial process equipment in Guangdong, the mold industry is also in this kind of good conditions and vast space, in the efforts to adapt to the needs of the province's industrial development, has been rapidly developed and improved, the industry-wide economy The scale and comprehensive economic strength have been expanding year by year, the mold manufacturing varieties have been gradually completed, the technical equipment level and mold quality of the mold enterprises have been continuously improved, and the ability to adapt to market demand and export earning has gradually increased. The position in the same industry in the country has been increasing year by year, and it has been moulded by China. The leaders of the industrial association called it “the largest province in China today, and the production volume and usage are the largest in the country.”

Main features of Guangdong mold
1. All kinds of molds are complete, which can basically meet the needs of the development of Guangdong's industrial industry.
The Guangdong mold industry started late. Until the mid-1980s, there was basically no truly independent mold production plant. All mold manufacturing was attached to the machine shop of the product factory as a technology. The mold sales market was only limited to meet the requirements. The needs of the factory. Driven by the rapid development of the province's industrial economy, the mold enterprises of various economic types have developed rapidly on this fertile soil, and there has been a booming scene of state-owned, private, foreign-funded and joint-venture mold enterprises. Many of the original mold manufacturing as the rear of the enterprise technology separated from the product factory and went to the society independently. It became the founder and main force of the Guangdong mold industry, and made great contributions to the development of the Guangdong mold industry and the province's industry. Private mold companies with individual, shareholding and shareholding systems have also sprung up, and have quickly become the most dynamic new force in the Guangdong mold industry. A group of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japanese capital mold enterprises and Sino-foreign joint venture mold enterprises with advanced technology, equipment and management level have entered the Guangdong market and participated in the competition in the Guangdong mold market, which has played an important role in promoting the scale and quality of the Guangdong mold industry.

In 1996, the Guangdong Model Association organized a relatively comprehensive survey. At that time, the province had more than 4,000 state-owned, private, foreign-funded, joint-venture mold manufacturing plants, employing 103,000 people, and the total industrial output value reached 5 billion yuan; By the year 2000, the number of various types of mold manufacturing enterprises in the province increased to more than 6,000, the number of employees reached 160,000 yuan, the industrial output value reached 12 billion yuan, and more than doubled in four years. By the end of 2004, the output value of the province's mold industry reached 23 billion yuan, nearly doubled in four years.

At present, the Guangdong mold industry ranks among the best in the country regardless of the number of enterprises, the scale of enterprises, the total industrial output value and the average development speed. According to the statistical analysis of the China Model Association Management Committee: In 2004, among the 50 enterprises with a national mold output value of more than 30 million yuan, Guangdong accounted for 11 companies, including Heyuan Longji Metal Products Co., Ltd., Guangdong Giant Wheel Mould Co., Ltd., Guangdong Shengdu Mould. Co., Ltd. and Jieyang Tianyang Mould Co., Ltd. are among the top ten.

There are still 14 Guangdong mold enterprises that have not yet been included in the statistics of the China Model Association Management Committee and whose output value is above this standard. With the expansion of the mold industry, the most demanding plastic molds continue to rank first. Rubber molds, metal molds, automobiles, motorcycle molds, aluminum molds, and various ceramic molds have also developed. Basically, it can adapt to the needs of Guangdong's industrial structure. At present, most of the molds required by the province's household appliances, electronic communications, information industry, transportation equipment, plastics and rubber products, packaging materials and building materials can be produced and supplied by the provincial mold factory, which is a provincial and foreign enterprise. The number of processed molds is also increasing year by year.

2. Have a group of leading enterprises with advanced equipment, technology and management
In the face of fierce market competition and the promotion of a large number of foreign capital and joint ventures, Guangdong mold enterprises have increased investment, introduced advanced foreign technology and equipment, and improved their technical equipment level and product grade. At the end of 2000, we investigated 10 professional mold factories that can basically represent the technical level of Guangdong mold industry. In the same year, the funds invested in purchasing high-tech equipment exceeded 300 million yuan, and we purchased vertical machining centers, vertical rapid machining centers, and sparks. Machine and high-speed high-precision EDM machine, slow wire cutting machine, 3D laser digital scanner, CNC three-coordinate measuring machine, calibration machine and other high-tech equipment, 330 sets, more than the province's mold industry before 1996 The total value and total quantity of high-tech equipment.

Since then, all mold companies have paid more attention to increasing investment, adding high-tech equipment and advanced technology, maintaining the leading position of technology and equipment, and creating a solid material foundation for the company to grow and develop in competition. With advanced equipment, extensive application of CAD/CAE/CAM technology and improved management level, Guangdong has emerged as a backbone enterprise in the mold industry. These enterprises have excellent technical equipment, high quality of managers and employees, relatively standardized production and operation management, and relatively strong economic comprehensive strength. They have been unanimously recognized by their counterparts in and outside the province, and some enjoy high reputation in Asia and the world.

The leaders of the China Model Association also gave a very high evaluation of the technical level and product quality of the Guangdong mold industry. The evaluation is: "The technical level of Guangdong's mold manufacturing industry, especially in the field of plastic molds, has entered the ranks of the national advanced level. Now, most of the mold manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong, especially the "three-capital" mold enterprises, CAD /CAE/CAM technology has been widely adopted, and its penetration rate is the highest in the country. The numerical control rate of mold processing equipment and the performance of equipment are also leading in the country. In general, the overall technical level of Guangdong mold manufacturing industry is ahead of The overall level of the country is about 5 years, and some of the key enterprises in the production of molds are close to the international level; the management level of mold enterprises, the processing level of molds, and the level of standardization of mold production are also leading the rest of the country, the quality and life of molds. It is also advanced in the country."


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