Balcony decoration notes balcony decoration style

The balcony decoration is a very important part of the home decoration. It is the link between the interior room and the exterior, which plays a role in the transition. However, in the decoration of the balcony must pay attention to the choice of materials, if there is a problem in the choice of materials, will only lead to failure of the project, affecting the future use, but also cause economic losses, if serious, but also to carry out the second renovation. Next Xiaobian introduced balcony decoration and balcony decoration style.

Balcony decoration notes

1, the waterproof function of doors and windows

Waterproof doors and windows on the balcony must be better, otherwise the rain seepage will be very troublesome, the bottom of the window and the floor to fill with foaming agent, and then sealed with silicone, this can ensure that the water does not seep in when the rain .

2, ensure the smooth flow of floor drain

The balcony floor drain must maintain some slope, so that the water will automatically flow to the floor drain. Pay attention to the construction process to avoid blockage of the floor drain. It is best to test after construction. The cover of the floor drain is best not to have too much clearance, so that it can prevent blockage caused by bulky debris.

3, wall / floor waterproof

When laying wall and floor tiles, you must first apply a waterproof coating and wait until the next day after the paint has dried, you can tile the walls and floors. In addition, the wall/ground should be immersed in water before laying until the bubbles in the inside can begin to lay.

4, paving is a fine work

Before laying the wall tiles, draw a horizontal line on the wall, then apply a cm thick cement on the back of the wall tiles. Care must be taken to ensure that it is even and thick during application to prevent emptying in the future. After paving, level the brick surface and fill the joints with fillers to prevent water from entering the floor.

5, rainwater effect of lamps

If it is an open balcony, the lighting of the balcony must be waterproof. At the same time, it should also be avoided in places where rainwater does not easily reach. This can extend the life of the lamp, and more importantly, avoid the risk of leakage.

6. Protection of bearing wall

Do not arbitrarily change the side wall of the balcony. The side walls of the balcony often play the role of windproof and load-bearing. Any dismantling and modification will bring great security risks. If it is necessary to demolition, we must ask the professional decoration company to carry out the construction on the premise of obtaining the property license.

Balcony decoration style

1, Japanese style

Japanese style is mainly about cleanliness and careful layout can reflect the owner's mind. Every flower, stone, stone, and wood is laid out carefully by the owner. If you feel that the plant is not angry, buy a stone tank, raise a few small goldfish inside, feed them every day, and watch them grow up little by little.

2, Chinese style

The main highlight of the Chinese style is the concentration of nature's landscape scenery on the balcony. If there is space left, you can put on a small coffee table. It is a pleasure to admire flowers while you are alone. If relatives and friends come to visit, it would be much better to have a pot of tea, talk with friends and talk about the past, recall the past, and think about the future, giving people a very comfortable feeling.

3, European style

The European-style balcony will be slightly more atmospheric, the large space plus European-style tables and chairs and beautiful flowers, there is a feeling of not willing to leave. If you add a light-colored bay window, the entire balcony is the finishing touch, not only will not block the light, but also maximize the effect of the decoration, all reflect the owner's unique taste.

Editor's summary: Concerning the decoration of the balcony and the balcony decoration style introduced here, I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more about yourself, you can follow the information on this site.

Balcony decoration balcony decoration

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