China University of Technology designs a high-performance supercapacitor electrode material

China University of Technology designs a high-performance supercapacitor electrode material

Recently, Professor Zhu Yanwu of the University of Science and Technology of China developed and designed a three-dimensional hierarchical porous carbon material that exhibits excellent electrochemical energy storage behavior when used as a supercapacitor electrode. The relevant research results were published on May 3rd in Advanced Materials. The first author of the thesis is Xu Jin, a master student of the research group.

Zhu Yanwu's team used potassium hydroxide to activate microwave stripped graphene oxide in the early stage to prepare an excellent supercapacitor carbon electrode material, but the density was relatively low. Based on previous work, the team used polyurethane sponge as a template and adsorbed graphene oxide and potassium hydroxide as activating precursors. As the graphene sheets cannot enter the sponge pores and cover the surface of the sponge skeleton, potassium hydroxide is enriched in the inside of the micropores; when the precursor is subjected to high temperature treatment, an activation process “from the inside out” is achieved, and A three-dimensional porous carbon material with a complete, internally porous matrix surface. When this material is used as a supercapacitor electrode, the mass energy density and volume energy density can reach 89Wh kg-1 and 64Wh L-1, respectively; since this three-dimensional structure can provide excellent ion transport capacity, the graphene sheet layer on the skeleton surface can be Provides good electronic conductance, and abundant micropores can realize high-performance storage of ions. The material exhibits excellent double-layer adsorption behavior (maximum specific capacitance in organic electrolyte is 207F/g, the highest in water-based electrolyte 401F/g). While achieving high performance, the practical electrode density (0.72g/cm3) has also been obtained, providing new research ideas for the design and application of supercapacitor materials.

This work has been supported by funding sources such as the Youth Thousand Talents Program, the Natural Science Foundation of China, and the Collaborative Innovation Center for Energy Materials Chemistry.

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