Common home improvement paint classification and use

Home improvement can not be separated from the paint as a decorative material, use paint to choose environmentally friendly products. Currently, over a thousand kinds of paints have been sold on the building materials market, but there are commonly used oils, mixed oils, thick paints, tempered paints, varnish, and so on.

Qingyou, also known as cooked oil and paint oil, is one of the basic paints used to decorate doors and windows, wall skirts, heating covers, and matching furniture in home renovations.

Thick paint, also known as lead oil. It is widely used as a base coat, and it can also be used as a finish. Suitable for low-demand building and wood primer, filling materials for water pipe joints.

Blend paint is also called blend paint. Suitable for indoor and outdoor metal, wood, silicon wall surface.

The commonly known as lacquer varnish is a clear paint that does not contain pigments. Mainly applied to wood, furniture and so on. Objects that are susceptible to moisture and heat should not be used.

The enamel is based on clear varnish and is made by adding pigments. The coating is dry with a magneto-optic color. It is suitable for metal screen meshes.

Anti-rust paint has zinc yellow, iron red epoxy resin primer, tough and durable paint film, good adhesion, if used in conjunction with ethylene phosphating primer, can improve heat resistance, salt spray resistance, applicable to coastal areas and temperature Tropical metal material primer.

Organic solvents such as turpentine, turpentine, gasoline, acetone, ether, etc. used in alcoholic and alkyd paints are unpleasant. Use special care when choosing quality products. After the room is painted, it must be properly ventilated. After ventilation, it can stay.

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