Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of construction spraying and brushing of latex paint

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Advantages of spraying: fast construction, short construction period, good flatness, full paint film and small difference in texture.

Disadvantages of spraying: large paint loss, troublesome maintenance in the later stage, because in the later maintenance, the worker can not pull the painting machine to repair, can only use the brush, the texture of the brush and the spray is definitely different.


The advantages of brushing: saving latex paint, paint surface texture, pattern, easy maintenance.

Disadvantages of brushing: The construction is relatively slow, the construction period is relatively long, and the large-surface brushing effect is different from the negative angle and the brush pattern inside the lamp socket, and there is a texture difference.

Therefore, the owner should make a comprehensive evaluation when choosing, and choose the construction method that suits him. In addition, for the spraying of the factory, the construction team should also avoid the construction team to catch up with the construction period, and put the primer and the topcoat on the brain, and must wait for each time. Do it all and spray it again. After all, the things that are sent, everyone is still paying more attention to it. At present, there are many latex paint manufacturers that donate free of charge. Do you have to accept this free spray? Then you should first understand the general differences between spraying and brushing, and then make a choice. Wasted paint is relatively large, so it is recommended not to spray.

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