Compatible with fastener assembly requirements, free to fit bolt holes and fasten

The thread is made of tantalum to make the surface compressive stress, which can offset part of the tensile stress during work to improve the fatigue resistance. If shot peening, the effect is better. Fasteners shall comply with fastener assembly requirements. For fasteners that only function as clamping, it is required to be freely fitted into the bolt holes and fastened. However, for a porous joint with a large area and a long hole pitch, although the diameter of the bolt and the bolt hole is 1-2 mm, it is difficult to ensure free assembly under normal processing conditions, and the final assembly often occurs. One or two bolts cannot be freely loaded. There is also a case where the flat-shaped steel pipe structure is flat, it is difficult to realize the reaming hole positioning bolt, but after assembling with many bolts, there will always be several tightly fitting bolts, which directly bear the transverse shear force and play a similar The function of the reaming bolts is obviously random, disordered and not very reliable. The assembly process should include the grinding operation. When there is interference, it can be manually expanded or used to meet the fastener assembly requirements.

Reaming Hole Locating Bolt Problem For vibrating machinery, the frictional force generated by the bolt pre-tightening force alone is not very reliable. It is necessary to directly bear the transverse shear force with the reaming bolt. When the flat screen works, the reaming bolts are subjected to both the longitudinal pulsating tensile force and the transverse alternating shearing force. The bolt strength is calculated according to the fourth strength theory. It is worth mentioning that the tensile elastic modulus of the steel is The amount E and the tangential elastic modulus G represent the rigidity of the steel. If the material has a Poisson's ratio of about 0.2, E=2.5G, indicating that the tangential stiffness of the bolt is much smaller than the axial stiffness. Therefore, the shearing force easily causes the bolt to be plastically deformed, so that a fatigue source is formed. Therefore, the shear plane of the hinged hole bolt subjected to the composite load is a dangerous section, and attention should be paid to the selection of materials and processes.

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