English rustic furniture features

The furniture of English garden furniture is mainly made up of gorgeous fabrics and handmade crafts. The fabrics are beautiful and the flowers are mainly composed of numerous flower patterns. Floral, striped, Scottish motifs are the eternal theme of English rustic furniture. The furniture materials are mostly made of eucalyptus, camphor wood, etc. The production and engraving are all handmade and very particular. Let's talk about the characteristics of English pastoral style furniture.


English rustic furniture features 1

English-style rural furniture is mainly white such as milk white ivory white, high-grade birch, eucalyptus and other frames, with high-grade environmental MDF for the inner panel, elegant shape, meticulous lines and high-grade paint treatment, both Make each product like an elegant and mature middle-aged woman with a gentle and restrained and unobtrusive, exudes a calm and elegant life, and like the girl's 18 pure and refined temperament, all make people feel tidal, imagination.

English rustic furniture features 2

The main character of the bedroom furniture is of course the bed. Most of the high-back bed and four-poster bed are adult beds. The lovely princess bed is the dream paradise of the prostitute. The small-sized railing bed is the favorite of the naughty son. The bedside table and the bed end stool, which are about 70cm high, are convenient for living.

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Look at the size of the space with the right size or three or two or four door wardrobe to accommodate the clothes, of course, the necessary dressing table, with a lounge chair and a small round or small square, A cup of aromatic coffee is a good choice.


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Elegantly shaped garden lamps are an essential supporting role. The daughter's room princess bed can be equipped with a bedside table, a small angel table lamp, an essential two small closet and study table, which makes learning and life more compact, without having to have a professional dressing table, can hang round or square mirror Just fine, the wall can be hooked to facilitate the hanging of some small things, the above need to be equipped with garden floral bedding to better create a pastoral atmosphere.

English rustic furniture features 5

The boy room can be equipped with a bedside table, rough table lamps, desks, small wardrobes, wall hangings, etc., not too feminine, so as to avoid sexual misplacement, try to reflect the rough temperament.


Beautiful English-style rustic furniture. The characteristics of English pastoral style furniture make people full of the romantic desire of life. The above is the English pastoral style furniture compiled by Xiaobian for you. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of our website.

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