European chandelier brand ranking 2017 European style chandelier top ten brands

European style is now a style of decoration, many people will choose a style, due to this reason the European ceiling is also very popular, European style ceiling brand is also very much, today the small series to introduce is the European chandelier brand rankings , to understand About the European chandelier brand rankings, choose a trusted European style ceiling brand.

2017 European style chandelier top ten brand TOP1: New Wenxing Lighting

Xinwenxing Lighting is a Fujian brand, a large-scale enterprise engaged in R&D, production, and sales. It is also a national inspection-free product. Early production technologies have reached the standards of many countries in Europe and America. Its European lamps are quite atmospheric and very high-end.

2017 Top Ten European Style Chandelier TOP2: Lamp Lighting

Lun Deng Lighting products of this brand are rich in style and relatively affordable in terms of price. They are really high cost performance products. It is also a more trustworthy lighting brand for online shopping lighting. The European style pendant lamp is also very much more.

2017 Top Ten European Style Chandelier TOP3: Watson Lighting

Watson Lighting is a very good domestic lighting brand. There are also many stores in the country, and the price of Watson lamps is much more affordable than other brands with the same quality, and the quality is also recognized by consumers.

2017 Top Ten European Style Chandelier TOP4: Fusen Lighting

Fusen Lighting is Zhongshan's famous lighting furniture brand. Now its products have been exported to more than a dozen overseas countries. Now there are more than ten stores under the national line, and now is also the top three lighting brands on Taobao.

2017 Top Ten European Style Chandelier TOP5: Ai Bang Lighting

Zhongshan Ai Bang Lighting Co., Ltd. originated from the world light capital, is a typical lighting brand with Chinese and Western heritage. Its European style chandelier is also the flagship product. Ai Bang Lighting Co., Ltd. wants to create a kind of non-reproducible home for the consumer and achieve a different quality of life.

2017 European style chandelier top ten brand TOP6: Huayi lighting

Huayi Lighting Co., Ltd. is a lighting brand in China's lighting capital, Zhongshan Guzhen. Since it was established more than 20 years ago, it has persisted in taking high-quality professional routes and is now the world's most prestigious lighting brand.

2017 Top Ten European Style Chandelier TOP7: Kaiyuan Lighting

Kaiyuan lighting products are rich and varied, various indicators have passed the national professional certification, for six consecutive years has been an honest and trustworthy demonstration enterprise, the flagship of Europe's simple lighting series is also renowned in the industry.

2017 European style chandelier top ten brands TOP8: Qilang lighting

Zhongshan Qilang Lighting Group has Italian and British enamel companies. Its European style chandelier has a local style. The atmosphere of the European style chandelier is unobtrusive and elegant. The products are sold in more than 70 countries and regions.

2017 European style chandelier top ten brands TOP9: Chili Lighting

Qianli Lighting is a lighting brand in Yangzhou. There are more than 6,000 kinds of products in the company. The product has obtained a number of certifications both at home and abroad. It is a quality product checked and verified by the national technical supervision department.

2017 European style chandelier top ten brands TOP10: Austrian lighting

AOZZO Austrian lighting products are elegant, simple and unique. The product selection is also relatively high quality, and it is also a well-known export product. The integration of European fashion elements with traditional Chinese elements makes the lighting even more unique.

The above is the ranking of the European-style chandeliers brand Xiaobian introduced to everyone. After reading the top ten rankings of the 2017 European chandeliers, has there been more understanding of these brands? Hope that these introductions can help you, if you want to know other related Information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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