Extraordinary charm extraordinary experience 2015 Shenzhen furniture exhibition is about to bloom

The grass tree Zhichun soon returned, all kinds of red and purple fighting Fangfei. In the spring of March, Shenzhen is also about to usher in the 30th International Furniture Fair. As the industry's largest “design exhibition”, this year's Shenzhen International Furniture Fair will continue to be guided by original design, and promote the concept of custom furniture to lead the transformation of high-end lifestyle. At the same time, the highlight of the exhibition is a hundred flowers, with the theme of “Vision, design and design”, the original design concept will be infiltrated into every detail of the exhibition, including the luxury furniture factory and the engineering custom building. , the whole house custom-made furniture hall, children's furniture hall, solid wood city hall, original personalized furniture hall, etc., as well as EXD overall home international design agency joint exhibition, furniture industry design service organization joint exhibition and so on. In addition, the various activities held at the exhibition site also set up a variety of communication and communication docking platforms for manufacturing companies, distributors, designers and other industry insiders.

Creative design dome, original design set master

At the 30th Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, the design dome will once again be grandly debuted, and it will bring people another surprise with a new presentation.

As a professional platform to exchange design trends at home and abroad and share design fashion information, Design Dome provides a complete set of design solutions for furniture companies, which plays a powerful role in demonstrating the added value of furniture product design and the strength of furniture design innovation. Every year, there are top designers from top furniture brands from around the world to showcase the latest furniture art and share the creative ideas. Whether it is modern style, European and American luxury style, Chinese-Western mix and match style, Italian romantic style, or futuristic, pure Chinese style, in the design of the Shenzhen Furniture Fair, there will be some presentations, and will continue to pass on Shenzhen furniture. The exhibition has always been a high-end lifestyle concept.

It is understood that "crossing the colorful life unlimited design margin" is the theme of this design dome. The design dome will also introduce international designers from Italy, Sweden, Hong Kong and Taiwan to the industry, offering a multi-cultural design journey, bringing international business brands to collide and create business value. The furniture design, hotel furniture design, hardcover furniture design, villa furniture design, space design - to meet the various types of commercial space supporting engineering custom furniture, etc., presents a high-end design feast!

High-end original design custom furniture leads the new life

In the 21st century, the era of personalized life in fast-paced life, people are eager to have more exclusive products for original design, and the furniture industry is no exception. For this reason, Shenzhen Furniture Fair has attracted a number of original custom home life theme museums, including high-end luxury custom-made furniture halls, engineering custom-made pavilions, and whole-house custom-made furniture pavilions.

In the high-end luxury custom-made furniture pavilion, the European and American high-end solid wood exhibition area with the theme of “Spring Blossoms” once again shows the romantic style of European and American classic styles; and the high-end flagship store exhibition area with the theme of “Famous Street”, with its unique aristocratic temperament And Zhaoran’s status is outstanding, and the audience is leading the audience with the incomparable gas field! In the whole house custom-made furniture hall, the concept of “house-wide ordering” is the main concept, and the building materials industry has turned to the modern fashion-made enterprises in the furniture industry. The speed of lightning is not enough to enter the furniture industry. The whole house is customized, the style is fashionable, the service is personalized, the production digitalization, and the marketing informationization all show the strength of the stock and the expansion of the future. It also has to be paid attention to the exhibition. At the same time, the Shenzhen Engineering Customized Furniture Design and Application Exhibition also set up an important docking platform for interior space designers and real estate developers to find inspiration for interior space design and product matching. Shenzhen is the forefront of commercial design.

Feel the charm of design art at the exhibition, the enthusiasm and sincerity of Shenzhen, the design capital of Shenzhen, just like the profound meaning of “the vision is reached, the design is perfect”, there is no lack of beauty in life, but the lack of eyes to discover beauty. Life may also find beauty at any time, but how to transform beauty into life, how to use design to create high-end experience, use craftsmanship to achieve luxury quality, extraordinary charm and extraordinary experience, at the 30th 2015 Shenzhen International Furniture Fair, starting in March!

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