[Furniture encyclopedia] seven major processes of mahogany furniture production

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The production of mahogany furniture has strict procedures and standard requirements. Then, what steps does a piece of mahogany have to go from the log to a piece of molded furniture? Jizheng Building Materials Network takes you through the seven major processes of mahogany furniture production.

Hand-made mahogany furniture, from logs to finished products, requires multiple processes such as drying of plates, material selection, smashing, engraving, assembly, scraping and waxing, each of which There are also a number of elegant production techniques.

1, mahogany drying process

Logs cannot be dried directly, and sawn timber must be used first. After the drying process is completed, the board is further screened to prevent the cracked and deformed wood in the drying process from entering the next process.

The moisture content of mahogany furniture wood is directly related to the adaptability of furniture to seasonal changes. Therefore, the wood material is repeatedly dried and treated, and finally the moisture content of the wood is reduced to 8%-12%. It is not easy to make the mahogany furniture. Deformation and cracking.

2, selection of materials

After the wood has been dried, the woodworker will select the board from the finished dry material according to the bill of materials and the required bill of materials.

The selection of materials is mainly based on the different parts of the furniture, the selection of the appropriate size and shape of the wood, but also consider the two adjacent panels of the pattern is symmetrical, the texture is consistent and many other factors. After each plate is selected, the cutting is started. Firstly, the white skin and the residual materials which cannot be used at both ends are cut off, and then the cut sheet is re-opened according to the size of the bill, and the wood after the cutting is further planed to facilitate the precise size in the next step.

3, mahogany process

The 榫卯 structure is the characteristic of Chinese classical furniture. Compared with many modern furniture, nails are used to connect and fix various parts, and the 榫卯 structure is more natural and durable. I saw the legendary pipa production and had to admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the ancients. After the worker master has done a good job, it is necessary to repeatedly check whether the size is appropriate, whether there is any skew or warp angle, which is what the industry calls "practice." If it is found to be skewed or warped, it needs to be adjusted in time.

4, mahogany engraving process

It can be said that the entire process of mahogany furniture, the engraving process accounted for more than half. After the completion of the boring process, it will enter the process of engraving and ornamentation. The requirements for hand-carving in mahogany furniture are very strict. The combination of woodworking crafts and engraving techniques in mahogany furniture can reflect the effect of the common brilliance and the same effect. In the engraving workshop, every engraver has to concentrate on engraving. Once a mistake is made, the whole board is difficult to repair, which has a great impact on the quality of mahogany furniture.

5, mahogany furniture assembly

Furniture assembly and assembly in the industry is called "small work", which is to use the 榫卯 structure to assemble the carved parts into finished furniture. Because mahogany furniture has a large weight, if it is placed on uneven ground during assembly, the uneven force on the leg will easily cause deformation of the furniture. Once the furniture is finished, it is difficult to correct it. Therefore, when the woodworker is "live", it will be carried out on a level and clean ground, so that it can be judged in time whether the finished furniture is installed correctly.

6, mahogany scraping process

After the assembly, the surface needs to be scraped, which is an important step in the mahogany furniture making process.

Many of the profiles we see need to be hand-polished. Generally, they are scraped with a spatula, and then sanded with more and more fine sandpaper. The traces of coarser sandpaper have been worn away. The semi-finished furniture after shaving has smooth lines, smooth surface and no wave, smooth and clear texture, and smooth and comfortable hand.

7, mahogany waxing process

After the scraped parts have passed the inspection, they can be separated and waxed. The heated beeswax was uniformly rubbed on the surface of the part with a soft cotton cloth. When grinding, the worker master should use a lot of effort to repeat, in order to ensure that the wax liquid penetrates well, showing beautiful wood grain and color.

Redwood waxing process

After the first waxing, the wood is completely absorbed by the wax, and then re-grinding, in order to remove the floating wax on the surface of the mahogany furniture, and keep the wax that penetrates into the wood grain to keep the wood bright and not dry. This kind of process has to be repeated many times until the mahogany furniture presents a moist and quaint temperament, so that the treatment of the mahogany furniture is completed and it can be delivered. [ Follow the WeChat public number "Jiuzheng Furniture Network"; pay attention to courtesy, scan code to send millions of business opportunities ]  

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