High quality mahogany material to make classic furniture

It is only by knowing the "materiality" of wood that it is possible to design classic furniture. What is “materiality”? Generally speaking, it mainly refers to the shrinkage rate, strength and texture of wood. These aspects are related to the service life, function and aesthetics of the furniture, etc., and can't be taken lightly.

There are many types of mahogany wood, and the structure is more complicated. In addition to commonality, each type of wood has its own particularity. In terms of shrinkage, different woods have different shrinkage rates; even for the same wood, the lateral shrinkage and longitudinal shrinkage are different. In general, the lateral shrinkage is large and the longitudinal shrinkage is small. Knowing the individuality of the wood, it is just right when you leave the expansion joint. For example, when designing a panel of a slanted case, because there are horizontal stripes and vertical stripes around the panel, it is necessary to consider that the thickness of the peripheral expansion joints should be slightly different due to the different shrinkage rates. If you treat it all the same, under the natural law of thermal expansion and contraction, there will definitely be problems.

The strength is also to be considered.

In general, the force of straight grained wood is greater than the force of horizontal grained wood. If you take a piece of wood that is not dry and put it under the sun, the straight lines will never warp, and the horizontal lines will curl into an arc. Therefore, the horizontally-grained wood is generally used for panels and the like; the vertical-grained wood is mostly used for parts with strong forces such as legs and feet. If it violates this law, whether it is a sofa, a table or a chair, the firmness will be difficult to guarantee.

As a person, mahogany is also a "thousands of holes", the pattern of no two mahogany is exactly the same, in order to make a piece of furniture to produce a harmonious beauty, "plain" is also very knowledgeable. I personally think that there are several ways to match: beautiful and beautiful, together with the effect of beauty and beauty; good-looking and ugly, because contrast is also a beauty; another is to promote beauty To the ultimate principle, I am going to put the most beautiful scorpion wood in the most conspicuous position. Another point to note is that different types of mahogany should be combined and used, and a collocation problem should also be noted. All in all, it is to pursue a supreme beauty, and you must not feel the kind of "wearing a horse and tie."

Fully understand the wood, they can be used in your hands to design the classic furniture handed down.

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