Home decoration guide: what issues should pay attention to carpet laying

A, carpet selection considerations

1, carpet purchase and ordering, should be based on the style of construction and carpet parts, in understanding the characteristics of the use of carpets before they can purchase. For example, carpets in the public sector should use carpets with lower velvet height and smaller wool content in order to reduce the resistance of the cart and obtain the effect of easy washing and quick drying. In the room, high-grade carpet with high wool content can be used to improve the elasticity and make the foot comfortable.

2. When ordering jacquard carpets, in addition to the paving of the roads, you should also sew road pattern stitching, require a large number of splicing carpets in the lobby, large restaurants and other public sections, and try to avoid the selection of straight stripes and unconventional moments of large flowers to avoid appearance. Flower-shaped splicing is difficult, and at the same time, it should be appropriately purchased according to the size of the flower shape.

Second, carpet pavement auxiliary materials

1. Punch bar: It is a fixed part at the edge of the carpet. The general specification is width 24mm, thickness 6mm, length 1200mm, and there are two rows of inclined nails on the wooden bar. The carpet can be hanged and the carpet is stretched and stretched.

2, carpet hot band: for the stitching of the carpet. With a special iron pressure, the two carpets can be patched together.

3, lu closed mouth: also known as the door layering, used for indoor carpet and corridor floor separation, play a dual role of fixed and closed mouth.

4. Carpet liner: It is a kind of soft rubber product. It is laid under the carpet and can make the carpet feel soft and comfortable after it is stepped on. It also has the function of moisture-proof and breathable, and can prolong the life of the carpet.

Third, pavement method

1. Before carpets are laid, carefully measure the size of the carpets to be laid, and use them as the basis for cutting. Then, press the carpets for the rooms to register the numbers and move them to the rooms. The carpets will be falsely laid on carpet cushions. Super-wide carpets should be spliced ​​first (spliced ​​carpets should note that the carpets must be of the same level, the pile direction should be the same, to avoid color differences or other problems after laying).

2. After the carpets are stitched, stretch them. One side of the carpet is now fixed to the wooden strip with a flat spatula. The edges of the carpet are covered under the skirting board, and the carpet is stretched (there are two kinds of large and small supports depending on the actual situation). The carpet is stretched longitudinally and horizontally until the four sides are fixed on the bar.

3. After the carpet is laid, use a cutting knife to trim the excess, and use a spatula to drive the burrs into the gap between the wooden strip and the wall.

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