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For the kitchen ceiling project, selecting materials is the first step in our project. Choosing good materials will determine the quality of the ceiling in the future. At present, there are four main types of ceilings in home improvement kitchens: PVC, gypsum, plastic steel plate, and aluminum buckle plate.

PVC board

The use of PVC as a raw material has been very popular in the market in previous years. However, due to the encircling type problem, it has directly led to the trend of withdrawing from the market.


The beauty, generosity and individuality are favored by many owners. However, due to the difficulty of unloading and the inability to meet the continuous upgrading of products, home friends in the general community will not use gypsum as ceiling material in the kitchen and bathroom.

Plastic steel plate

A kind of high-hardness, but the substrate is made of plastic ceiling material, but because the plastic steel plate market is not uniform, can not replace the other materials from the essence of product performance, it can be said that the price is the only advantage of plastic steel.

Aluminum plate

A metal aluminum buckle product. The combination of high-quality metallic aluminum as the base material and a perfect surface treatment process provides unparalleled advantages in terms of quality, individuality, vision, and embracing.

At present, the aluminum buckle plate has occupied the position of the main material of the kitchen and bathroom ceiling with perfect industry standards and the charm of the product itself. However, the product has remained high in price and has become one of the hot spots in the market competition. Due to the fierce competition of this product, it is worth looking at the market.

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