Home textile fabrics chase the "ecological" concept of healthy natural fiber to be universal

In recent years, consumers have chosen home textile products, and the concept of “natural and environmental protection” has been increasingly accepted. On June 26, Casas de Casas released its 2009 new products, which were jointly promoted by the United States International Cotton Association (CCI). The theme of returning to nature has become the focus of attention. Mao Kailin, director of the China International Cotton Association, said that ecological home textile is the mainstream of the current home textile industry.

Huang Jinquan, president of the Guangdong Home Textiles Association, once told reporters that the definition of “eco-textiles” in accordance with the national standard “eco-textile technology requirements” is: the use of environmentally friendly or less harmful raw materials and the production process for human health Harmless textiles.

According to Gao Yunjie, vice president of US cotton supply chain and marketing in China, eco-home textiles is not a pure concept. There are strict limits on many indicators and details. Gao Yunjie said, “Eco Home Textiles absolutely bans azo dyes and carcinogenic dyes. These materials will have inestimable consequences for the human body. In addition, the free formaldehyde content, organic carriers containing nitrogen, pesticides, color fastness and PH Values ​​and other indicators have clear requirements, and once they exceed or fail to meet the standards, they will not meet the requirements of ecological home textiles."

Compared with ordinary textiles, the sheets and quilts in home textile products are in close contact with human skin. Therefore, eco-home textiles should use home textiles that are harmless to the environment or less harmful to human health. . Natural fibers are more in line with the ecological philosophy of environmental protection and health. Mao Kailin told reporters that the United Nations has declared 2009 as the "International Year of Natural Fibres" and its purpose is to improve the image of natural fibers.

"But the natural fiber education in China has not been very mature." Mao Kailin told reporters.

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