How GYJK Portable Hydraulic Shearers Work

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What is a portable hydraulic shearer? It is an advanced hydraulic rescue tool, which integrates the functions of a cutter and a dilator. It is suitable for rescue operations in small spaces and in the wild. In recent years, it has played an enormous role in the accident scenes such as earthquake disasters, car accidents, and construction sites, and has rescued countless precious lives.

Hydraulic shearer operating principle

A DC motor-driven high-pressure plunger pump using a nickel-cadmium battery forms a high-pressure hydraulic oil fluid in a hydraulic cylinder, so that the hydraulic cylinder pushes the piston rod to reciprocate to achieve operations such as shearing, expansion, and traction. The rated work working pressure is 63Mpa; the maximum opening distance of the end of the scissors is ≥160mm; the maximum shearing capacity: 10mm (steel plate); (Q235 material): ф20mm (round bar); rated expansion force: 25KN; no-load opening and pressing times ≤ 9 times; no-load closing pressure ≤ 11 times; handle force ≤ 300N;

Quality: ≤ 10 kg; Dimensions: length × width × height: 735 × 212 × 146mm

The advantages of the portable hydraulic shears: light weight, easy to carry; hydraulic pump can provide stable and efficient power; no tube design to facilitate field operations; can cut off the sharp blade can cut off the steel; expandable and strong blade maximum The width of the expansion; the rugged carrying case not only protects the machine but also withstands the harsh rescue environment.


The GYJK-25/20-10-A type shear expander is also a member of the portable shear expander tool. Unlike the hydraulic shear expander, it is powered by a manual pump, does not require an external power source, and automatically switches between high and low pressures; It can be used underwater and in areas where there is a danger of explosion. It is safe and convenient. The handle is designed with a more comfortable new material to make the rescue operation safer and easier. The cutter and manual pump can rotate 360 ​​degrees to suit different occasions and orientations. Use; blade remanufactured tool steel; delivery of customized aluminum crates for easy tool storage and handling.

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