How to achieve the standard of disease and insect control

The use of pesticides should be scientific, not only to control the appropriate period, but also to see the number of diseases and pests and the degree of damage. When a pest occurs, how do you measure whether it meets the prevention and treatment standards? A variety of factors should be considered, such as plant varieties and their tolerance to pests and diseases, types of pesticides, control methods, control effects and economic benefits. Therefore, it is important to correctly develop prevention and treatment standards. Here are a few basic principles for your reference.
(1) Economically cost-effective. That is to say, the use of smaller control costs can greatly reduce the economic losses caused by pests. If the occurrence of pests and diseases is very light, it is estimated that the economic losses caused by it are not large. If the application of pesticides increases the production cost, it is not worthwhile. It is not necessary to use pesticide control at this time.
(2) Look at the number of pests, that is, the density of insects. For example, cotton bollworm, cotton seedlings with 100-30 eggs per 100 plants should be chemically controlled; as for sorghum, more than 50 eggs per acre should be applied universally, 50 or less should be selected for prevention, or per acre. More than 30 of the dry heart group should be treated with the rule of law, and 30 or less should be selected for prevention and treatment.
(3) China Pesticide Network reminds everyone to consider the impact of natural enemies and other environments on pests and diseases, and protect and utilize natural enemies. For example, the amount of brown rice blast in rice fields is relatively large, and it should have been applied. However, if there are many natural enemy spiders at this time, the ratio of the number of spider mites to the number of locusts can reach 1:8-9, so it is not necessary to apply the medicine.

Application of Tamping Coke on Large-Scale BF Smelting .At present, domestic and international large-scale blast furnace applications of tamping coke is still in its exploratory stage. Part of the BF applications tamping coke, there are some problems, including high-temperature zone upward, feeding speed slows , air flow along edge enhancement and heat exchange being inadequate. Through analysis of tamping coke combustion performance and the effects of tamping coke on the material column permeability, The following measures are suggested; using a suitable charging system to open center airflow, stable gas distribution, combined to increase the oxygen-rich rate, increasing the amount of wind, improving coal injection rate. The stable operation of BF is realized, hot metal increased and coke conserved.

Tamping Coke

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