How to buy a small oven

The electric oven has become one of the most popular small home appliances in the current home. It uses the radiant heat from the electric heating element to bake food. It is a good substitute for a difficult-to-operate, dusty oven. How about a small household oven ?

In general, the size of the oven is based on your needs, the general 3 family can choose 18L-23L just fine. Of course, if you like to bake all-chicken dishes, choose a bigger one. In the selection, it is best to choose a box with an oven with a box height of 300mm or more.

For baking enthusiasts, try to select an oven with a capacity of 25L or more. The greater the capacity of the oven, the lower the temperature in the cabinet and the even temperature, the higher the quality of the baked food. On the contrary, in ovens below 25L, the temperature inside the box will be high, which is not conducive to the coloration of the food surface. In general, novice 25-36L oven is enough, masters try to choose a larger oven, such as 42L or 62L, the oven can do more at once, and the larger the oven the more uniform the relative temperature, The food made is better. Also, when you purchase, you must remember to request the actual size of the oven to prevent businesses from misrepresenting the volume so that you can clearly consume it.

In addition, the oven is divided into upper, middle and lower floors. Perhaps the salesperson will tell you that all three floors can be baked and the family has enough. The actual situation is not the case. Because different foods are baked in different places. When you bake a food, the food can only be placed on the left and right, but not on the top and bottom. How much food can be baked is the most important thing to be able to put a large size baking pan horizontally. For example, assume that 10 cookies can be baked horizontally. The salesperson will tell you to put 3 layers so that you can bake 30 cookies. The actual situation is that baking cookies must be in the oven! Put the upper layer, the surface of the paste, the end has not yet cooked. Put the bottom layer, the bottom of the paste, the above has not yet cooked. Because of the small size of the small oven (below 20 litres, for example), the interior space is limited, the temperature is very hot, and the top of the cake is too close to the heating tube. Therefore, if ovens with a relatively high technical requirements such as chiffon, cracks will occur. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a small oven to make West Point. Especially the cakes with certain difficulties such as Qi Feng.

The oven can make delicious, beautiful foods, such as barbecue, toast, bake cakes, etc., recommend an oven recipes recipe: oven recipes, with it, really enjoy the fun ~

The relevant information on home ovens was introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will be helpful to everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.


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