How to buy paint decoration

How to buy paint decoration Do you know how to choose paint? What rules should be used when choosing paint? Today, Xiao Bian will take everyone to see how to choose the right paint.

Look at the packaging: Consumers should carefully check the packaging when purchasing paint. Because polyester paint has a large volatility, the product packaging should be well sealed and there can be no leakage phenomenon. Metal packaging should not appear rust, otherwise it shows The seal is not good or takes too long; carefully check the production date and shelf life, first remove the inferior paint from the packaging.

Check the weight: According to industry insiders, different paint packaging specifications vary, the weight is also different, consumers can use an easy way to buy, know the pros and cons: to shake out every tank, if shake it up "哗哗 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声 声

Look at the contents: It is generally not allowed to open the container when buying paint, but consumers should carefully check the contents of the paint before unpacking. The main paint surface can not appear crust phenomenon, paint is transparent, uniform color, no impurities, and should have good fluidity; curing agent, should be white or light yellow transparent liquid, no layering, no condensation, clear and transparent, no Impurities; diluent, scientific name "Tian Na Shui", commonly known as "banana water", the appearance of clear, transparent, no impurities, good dilution.

Look at the construction quality: After the quality paint is in strict accordance with the requirements of the specifications, it should be fine in touch, uniform in gloss, uniform in color, suitable in viscosity, and has good construction tolerance.

Choose a business brand: When consumers buy paint, they should try their best to choose a reputable dealer to purchase a paint product with a corresponding brand. If quality problems are found, they should respond or complain in time. Otherwise, after the paint is done, it is poor quality or construction. It is difficult to make clear due to technical and environmental factors.

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