How to buy security doors and interior doors

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There are four points to pay attention to when purchasing an anti-theft door:

1. While considering price and appearance, pay attention to product quality and purchase brand security doors in the reputable building materials market;

2. Check the inspection report of the anti-theft security door provided by the operator. The test result should be in accordance with GB17565-1998 "General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security Door". In particular, pay attention to whether the production batch number and model number on the inspection report is the same as the physical one.

3. Distinguish the difference between anti-theft security doors and metal doors, and do not rely on the salesperson’s propaganda. When ordering, the operator must indicate the security door in the product name column to prevent unscrupulous operators from using “steel doors”, “protective doors”, and “ Anti-slamming door, armored door, etc.

4. When installing, firstly check whether the appearance of the anti-theft door is the same as the order sample, and ask the delivery person for the warranty card, invoice and other documents, so as to promptly safeguard the rights.

Interior doors: molded doors, solid wood doors, composite solid wood doors.

1. Moulded door is divided into high density fiberboard molding. He has various shapes and can be made into bedroom door, kitchen door, bathroom door, etc. It has good matching, easy to paint and economical. The surface has a primer treatment, suitable for all kinds of paint, light weight, easy to deform, uniform texture, clear texture, can fully display the natural beauty of wood and color beauty, has excellent practicality, durability, low cost . The other is a jigsaw puzzle door. He has various forms. He uses the natural style of the original wood to spell the pattern he wants.

2. The natural style of solid wood door is outstanding, there are natural lines and knots of wood, strong and durable, high-end luxury. However, it is easily deformed and cracks are easily formed at the joints. Due to the fact that it is solid wood, the defects of the surface of the material are not easy to make up for, and there is a color difference. There are very few pure solid wood doors on the market. Pure solid wood doors are very easy to deform if they do not work well. Red pine, Chinese fir, camphor wood, etc. belong to the relatively low-grade wooden door timber, high-grade solid wood has walnut, cherry wood, Sapele and so on.

Sound: When selecting a solid wood door, you can watch the thickness of the door. You can also gently tap on the front door. If the sound is dull, it means that the door is of good quality.

Weight: The higher the proportion of solid wood in a typical wooden door, the heavier this door is. If it is a pure solid wood door, the surface pattern is very irregular. At first glance, the door surface has a smooth and neat pattern and is often not a real solid wood door.

3. Composite solid wood door, fully embodies the style of the original wood, processed into the door surface defects are few, make up for the raw material growth defects, and inside is a section of a finger joint, changed the internal stress, the door will not Deformation phenomenon.

If you choose the interior door, you need to ask more questions before you can buy affordable and satisfying doors.

Nowadays, many friends choose suit doors. In general, brand-name wooden doors have relatively large-scale production machinery and equipment. They are relatively mature in terms of dryness, finger joint, flatness, and paint flow. Hand-made wooden doors and sets are made of large core boards and plywood boards. The paint is painted on site and it is difficult (or even impossible) to reach the mechanical level. Therefore, from an elaborate and detailed point of view, doing a good job is not as good as buying a home.

However, due to the style and color of the door-door manufacturing plant, there is also a rigid place. If there are many manual woodworks during the decoration process, the colors and styles are relatively more manual and relatively arbitrary. Due to the short service cycle of the door in the service, the installation speed is fast.

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Pvc Wooden Ceiling Tiles

PVC Wooden Ceiling Tiles are new materials for interior decoration. 

Offer more wooden patterns for choosing in decoration,or customized.


1. Fireproof

PVC Wooden Ceiling Tiles is non-flammable and conforms to the national grade B1 standard (GB8624-2012 Grade B1).

2. Water-proofing and moisture-proofing

The product is allowed to long-term expose to moist environment.

3. Easy to install

PVC Wooden Ceiling Tiles is easy to cut, saw nail, stick. it has a smooth finish one side that can be taped and jointed ready for decoration including wallpapering, painting, texture coat and veneer, and a rougher side for tiling.

5. Environment

PVC Wooden Ceiling Tiles does not contain any organic solvents, formaldehyde, asbestos, oils or other toxic substances that can have a negative impact on the environment and waterways.

Specification size


Surface Finish

High UV coating




Customized colors






PVC Wooden Ceiling Tiles


Easy installation

Life Span

15 years

Place of original


wood grain PVC ceiling

pvc wall panel

PVC Wooden Ceiling Tiles

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