How to fertilize in old greenhouses

For the old greenhouse, the most prominent problem is soil salinization, and the most prominent cause of soil salinization is the long-term, large-scale application of chemical fertilizer by vegetable farmers. The old shed has poor heat preservation, and it is prone to root injury after entering the winter. Therefore, in the old greenhouse, when selecting fertilization in winter, we should pay attention to the selection of microbial fertilizer or humic acid, water-soluble fertilizer and other fertilizers, which can alleviate soil salinization and increase ground temperature.

Choose biofertilizers. Bio-fertilizer can release the fixed nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil and promote soil fertility. The use of biological fertilizers in older greenhouses is even more pronounced. In order to ensure that vegetables absorb enough nutrients, it is recommended that vegetable farmers still use biofertilizers and compound fertilizers for rotation.

Choose humic acid fertilizers. Because of the high nutrient content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the old greenhouse soil, humic acid fertilizer can increase the utilization rate of phosphorus and potassium and some trace elements in the soil. Humic acid fertilizer has synergistic effect on phosphorus and potassium. On the basis of increasing the application of humic acid fertilizer, the amount of chemical fertilizer can be appropriately reduced, which can be reduced by about 1/3. The humic acid fertilizers commonly used in vegetable production include nitrohumic acid, ammonium humate, sodium humate, potassium humate, potassium nitro-humate, diammonium humate, humic acid phosphate, etc. Friends can choose to apply.

Choose a fully water soluble fertilizer. The amount of water-soluble fertilizer is small, only 10-15 kg can be used in a greenhouse of one mu of land, and the utilization rate is up to 85%. It can supplement the nutrients needed by crops, and the application of fertilization in winter and bio-fertilizer is worth promoting. The method of composting.
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