How to maintain the old wooden floor renovation how to do wooden floor maintenance

Solid wood flooring has a very good environmental protection, good foot feeling, but the use of solid wood flooring for a long time, prone to drumming, shedding phenomenon, this time had to be refurbished. For the renovation of the old solid wood floor, I believe that most people are relatively unfamiliar, then how to do the renovation of old solid wood floors, how to maintain the wooden floor it? Learn together!

How old wooden floor renovations are done

1, polished floor

When the solid wood floor is refurbished, ground the floor first to remove the lacquer layer, and pay attention to sanding the sandpaper with different thicknesses of 40 mesh, 80 mesh and 120 mesh three times, so that the scratches left after grinding will not be so obvious. Also more delicate and smooth.

2, scraping putty

After the floor is polished, the work of painting putty is carried out again, and a special transparent primer putty matching the floor paint is used to scrape onto the polished floor and wait for it to dry.

3, brush primer, color processing

Afterwards, the floor is brushed or tinted, because the texture of the solid wood surface is natural and cannot change the color, so the depth of the floor can only be adjusted.

4, brush finish

After the primer has dried, the paint is applied again. Finally, sandpaper is used to carefully grind the surface. The floor surface is ground to a rough feeling, and the second layer of paint is removed after removing the dust.

5, wax polishing maintenance

After the topcoat dries out, use professional waxing equipment to apply floor wax to the floor.

How to maintain the wooden floor

1, keep clean

Usually pay attention to keep the floor clean and clean, dust or stains on the ground should be cleaned in time to avoid prolonged accumulation, increase the difficulty of cleaning the ground.

2, to prevent the erosion of acidic alkaline material

Wood floors are vulnerable to acid and alkaline substances, so it is not possible to put acidic and alkaline substances directly on the surface of wooden floors. If it is accidentally spilled, it must be cleaned with a rag, and then some heavy objects or sharp objects should not be placed on the ground.

3, pay attention to humidification

The surface of the wooden floor should also maintain a certain degree of humidity, especially in the dry autumn, a pot of water can be placed at the corners of the wall. If the conditions are good, humidifiers can be used to humidify the wooden floor. This will prevent the wooden floor from cracking due to drying.

4, regular maintenance and waxing

Some wood floors are not cheap, and in order to maintain the brilliance of the surface, waxing and maintenance are needed at regular intervals to enhance its service life. Usually you can buy maintenance liquids yourself, of course, if necessary, you can ask a professional company to deal with them.

Xiao Bian summary: After reading the above the old solid wood floor renovation how to do, how to maintain the contents of the wooden floor, I believe we all know how to do it! Mainly in accordance with the above steps, you will feel that the renovation of the wooden floor is very simple, try it yourself!

Old wood floor renovation

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