Integrated stove PK hood, which captured your heart?

The integrated cooker is a kitchen and bathroom appliance that integrates all functions. It can save a lot of space in the kitchen and has a high degree of freedom of installation and control. Therefore, an integrated oven can be installed in either a large kitchen or a small kitchen. However, due to the integrated design of the integrated stove, ,Let certain consumers' living habits go against the integration of stoves, so many consumers will be very tangled to buy a range hood or an integrated stove, then, in the end is the integration of ovens or smoke hood is good? Today we will compare this The difference between the two! 1 fume extraction capacity: the hood is up and out of the wind, with a certain distance from the stove; integrated stove is the side suction down the exhaust, relatively speaking, the ability to smoke better. 2 is more convenient than cleaning: the integrated stove absorbs fumes more, so the kitchen will be relatively clean; open kitchen can be considered integrated stove. 3 drops of oil problems: In front of us when comparing the top suction, side hood, also mentioned the problem of drip oil; and the integrated outlet of the stove design, basically solved the problem of drip. 4 is more powerful than one: The integrated stove is small, but it is very clever and features more. However, if too many features are not available, they will appear redundant. This depends on individual needs. 5 than the space saving : Integrated stove through the integration of multi-functional, space-saving advantages, for the small kitchen is a good choice. 6 Noise: In the case of an integrated stove motor, the noise is relatively small; this is also a good choice for people who are afraid of noisy people. 7 Affordable: With the integrated stove, the cabinet area is much smaller; in contrast, perhaps the integrated stove will save more money. 8 Popularity: Hoods are already mature products, and integrated stoves are newer products. In the future, integrated stoves may be the trend, perhaps a transitional product that will soon be eliminated. 9 Intelligent: Now smart homes are relatively hot, integrated stove has many new smart features, such as: automatic flameout, leak detection, etc., for those who are keen on smart products may be a good choice. 10 than the energy-saving: Integrated stove features more power also; In addition tuyere near the stove, will absorb some energy. 11 cooking habits: This point is very important, if you like to change the pot; integrated stove is "boiler terminator", "dian pot" do not buy.

Integrated stove hood kitchen decoration

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