Intex: efficient production in small batches and multiple varieties

Frequent replacement of production varieties, small production, even single-piece production, precision, high-quality processing, but also to achieve fast delivery. Founded in Germany by the Germans, Bolai Machinery (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is such a well-known manufacturer in small batches, varieties and high-efficiency production. In 2012, it was even more insightful to buy the INDEX IT600 lathe, which doubled its production efficiency.

Founded in June 2006, Bolly Machinery (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. (BAZ) is located in the German Industrial Park in Kunshan, China, and was founded in Germany by German Blay. The company is mainly engaged in the production and processing of small-volume, multi-species precision machinery products. The product range covers auto parts, printing, presses, bearing test piece systems and other parts and accessories. For products with special assembly requirements, it can be measured and tailored.

“Initially, the idea of ​​creating BAZ was to provide small-volume, multi-variety products for the purpose of setting up factories.” Mr. Bolaien, founder and executive director of BAZ, said at the outset that “this kind of business model is very common in Germany, but At that time, there was basically no such thing in China, especially when many German manufacturers in China were only able to buy some small-volume parts and parts, and they could only buy them from Germany. Therefore, Mr. Brian, who has decades of industry experience, is seeing the Chinese market. After that, he actively and decisively founded the current BAZ and quickly won the market. It is understood that 85% of BAZ products serve German-funded enterprises in China, and 15% are exported abroad.

Two turret tool holders maximize processing freedom and increase production efficiency.

Fast, efficient, and productivity

“20% of the customers we serve are in the automotive industry, and the industry has grown rapidly over the past decade. And as the labor market changes, we are clearly aware of the need to replace more advanced equipment to meet the rapid development of the Chinese market. Change.” Mr. Brian said, “In 2012, we were fortunate to have contact with INDEX and purchased the INDEX IT600 CNC universal CNC lathe that is in line with BAZ production requirements.” At the same time, Intex Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mr. Rainer Kehder, General Manager of the company, said: “BAZ is also the first user of the INDEX IT600 lathe in China.”

For manufacturers who are processing small batches and multiple varieties, they generally face the big problem of “production efficiency”. Because of the replacement of different varieties or different high-profile products, the machine tool will reset the process according to the condition of each product. The INDEX IT600 combines the flexibility of CNC technology with the high efficiency of the two brick tower tool holders of the lathe, which can greatly shorten the installation time of the tool and the production time of the product, and effectively improve the production efficiency of the lathe. Mr. Bollen pointed to a part and said: "The CNC lathe we used before took 21 minutes and 30 seconds to produce this part, but after using INDEX IT600, the time was shortened to 8 minutes, and the efficiency improvement is obvious."

According to reports, the INDEX IT600 lathe combines two high-rigidity and high-torque turret tool holders for maximum productivity. The turret tool holder 1 is located at the upper end and has a large tool capacity. It can be quickly installed by the numerical control system, and the speed of the multi-axis linkage is equal to the Y-axis, thereby achieving complete and efficient machining. At the same time, the user can choose the multi-function turret tool holder at the lower end, and the tool is also easy to install on the X-axis. Moreover, the lathe has an extensive receiving and unloading device from the integrated receiving tray to the external gantry bracket, which can quickly find a suitable loading and unloading solution according to the geometry and batch size of the part. In addition, the well-structured work area and vertical bed make the machine quick and easy to install, and greatly improve the efficiency.

因代克斯贸易(上海)有限公司总经理Rainer Kehder先生(左)和博莱恩机械(昆山)有限公司创始人及执行董事博莱恩先生(右)。
Mr. Rainer Kehder (left), General Manager of Dexter Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Mr. Bolaien (right), founder and executive director of Bolai Machinery (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

Flexible, diverse, and what you want

“INDEX IT600 meets our various process requirements. In the past, we needed two machines for turning and milling. Now we can use the INDEX IT600 lathe to get one-step, improve production efficiency and reduce our production cost. "Brian said, "It can be said that INDEX IT600 has achieved everything you might think, and we are very satisfied with it!"

The INDEX IT600 lathe is equipped with a new concept intelligent Y-axis developed by INDEX through the integration of machine axes. The Y-axis can be produced by a combination of the turret tool indexing axis, the working spindle C-axis and the power tool, so that various processes and products can be produced, such as 65mm bar and 250mm chuck; The moment dynamic spindle can complete the perfect cutting. The spindle is equipped with the C axis for transmission function, which can be programmed at any angle. The multi-function turret can also use ultra-long tools, for example, deep drilling with tools up to 330mm. In addition, the IT600 also has the latest INDEX's proven control system, which uses the latest FANUC series of standard controls, its function extension in the user interface and input screen interface, greatly improving the operation, programming, Function input such as parameter input and machine detection.

Perfect service to solve worries

“Also, INDEX has a sales and service company in Shanghai, which can solve all kinds of problems in our production at any time and completely solve our worries. Mr. Brian said frankly, “From order to delivery, only three were used before and after INDEX. Months of time, and assisted us to complete a series of preparatory work such as pre-programming, debugging, etc., and did a full preliminary work for the INDEX IT600 officially in BAZ. Before the product was officially put into production, INDEX also specially arranged engineers from Germany to carry out systematic technical training for our employees and operate on site to avoid unnecessary downtime caused by misuse. ”

INDEX insists on using its own services to impress customers. Regardless of any problems with the machine tools purchased by customers, INDEX will provide comprehensive and complete technical services, from installation and commissioning, customer training to remote services, machine maintenance, machine tool transformation, INDEX excellent Technicians and a wealth of spare parts inventory will return the customer's machine to production in the shortest possible time. “Every device requires good after-sales service, but the key is time issues,” Rainer Kehder added. “The technicians at our customer technical service center are on call to quickly reach any site in China; stock spare parts are available 24 hours a day. Ship the customer internally; or with a single button, our users can link to the INDEX remote service online."

“BAZ is the first user of INDEX IT600 lathe in China, and it is also the first cooperation between BAZ and INDEX. We are very honored.” Rainer Kehder finally said, “The unique advantages and features of INDEX IT600 are any other equipment. Unmatched and comparable. In the future, I hope more Chinese users will realize the INDEX IT600, fill the gap in the efficient production of China's small-volume, multi-variety manufacturing machinery market, and help China's manufacturing industry to develop more comprehensively."

无论工件尺寸如何变化、加工工序的程度如何复杂,INDEX IT600都能满足客户需求,且保证产品的高质量和高品质。
Regardless of the size of the workpiece and the complexity of the machining process, the INDEX IT600 can meet the needs of customers and guarantee the high quality and high quality of the products.

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