Introduction to the design idea of ​​the duplex building

Now the stairs are mostly triangular. For most families, this place can be closed to make a storage room. It can also be used to make a display area, put some collections on weekdays, or along a slender Stairs, the whole bookshelf that creates the wall, and the straight to the top of the attic, will have unexpected effects. In order to exaggerate the existence of the slash, the door hole under the stairs can be made into a triangle, forming a continuation of the slash, avoiding the bluntness of the common practice.

All duplex houses have stairs, but no matter what kind of stairs, there will be at least 5 to 10 square meters of unused space below it. It is a pity to abandon it, and it is afraid of being inconsistent with the overall environment of the living room. How can we do both?

During processing, the curved floor-to-ceiling windows can be curved with curved wooden panes and plaques to surround the bedroom bed to highlight the characteristics of the curved bedroom. The corners of the curved roof are fitted with small spotlights and the lower part of the bed is fitted with a floor lamp to make the curved rays illuminate in space.

There were more semi-arced bedrooms in the past, and a circular arc-shaped balcony wall in the bedroom caused irregularities in the overall space. Such a house generally has large floor-to-ceiling windows, and the height of the room is very high, so the natural lighting conditions of the space are very good, and the indoor light is sufficient. In addition, the curved wall can bring a lively atmosphere to the space, but there is a difficulty - the placement of the furniture, the squared furniture in the curved space is always uncomfortable.

For the bedroom, some are a large area of ​​the sloping roof that forms a skylight. In general, the indoor space of such a bedroom is not large, but the skylight opening of the sloping roof is large, regardless of ventilation and lighting conditions. At this time, a curved ceiling can be added to the beam to relieve the visual pressure. Adding a fine curtain to the skylight can not only beautify the bedroom, but also have the effect of preventing wind and shading.

In addition, the sloping roof of the top floor and the small attic of the villa will also have multiple sloping buildings. How to use it to transform it is also a matter of learning.

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