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A world-class city in New York, its economic, financial, media, political, educational, entertainment and fashion industries directly influence the world. New York is the core of the New York metropolitan area and the largest city in the United States. It is the most populous city in the United States and a multi-ethnic and diverse city.

If New York is the capital of the world, then Manhattan is the brightest star in New York. For more than a century, Manhattan has played an irreplaceable role in the global political, economic, financial, media, educational, entertainment, and fashion worlds. The United Nations headquarters is located here; the world-famous Wall Street is located in the financial district of Lower Manhattan; many Fortune 500 companies have set up their headquarters here, such as JP Morgan Chase, IBM, Pepsi, etc.; twice a year, New York Fashion Week is A fashion festival that cannot be missed. Investing in Manhattan real estate, mainly by the following


Many immigrants choose to live in Manhattan for comprehensive consideration. First of all, living here, you can enjoy the convenience of an international metropolis. You can find all the brand products you want in Manhattan, come and go from restaurants in different countries, and experience the various performances of Broadway. At the same time, the 24-hour subway can take you to Manhattan easily. From PennStation Railway Station and New York Central Station, you can take you to Boston, New Jersey, Washington and other major East Coast cities. Second, because of the large number of companies, the employment environment is good, if you are interested, you can also choose to start a business here. Third, although Manhattan is densely populated and commercialized, people here pay great attention to the natural environment and the protection of air quality. If you like to be close to nature, take the subway to the bird's-eye fragrance, the central park with pleasant views of the four seasons. Fourth, the United States itself is an immigrant country. In Manhattan, immigrants from all races and countries can be seen. All kinds of cultures come together here, so that you can experience exotic customs, and you can easily find a sense of belonging in Chinatown and Chinatown.


Manhattan is a global financial center that can reach a variety of financial information in the first place. In addition, major companies are gathering here, the consumer market is mature, and full of business opportunities. At the same time, the sound legal system here can guarantee the fairness of commercial competition and the legitimate rights and interests of businessmen themselves. If you work in the domestic management for more than one year, you can apply for an L1 visa by the company's branch or branch office in the United States. L1 visa holders can obtain a US green card through EB-1.

Child education

In the education index of a 21 country in the United Nations, the United States scored 99.9, ranking first in the world. Many parents buy homes in Manhattan because of their education. New York has the largest network of public schools in the United States. If you buy a home here, your child can attend a nearby public school for free. There are many famous public schools. For example, the Anderson School in the Upper West Side, the Stuyvesant High School in Tribeca, has many outstanding alumni. You can also choose to send your child to a private school, and the choice of a private school is not restricted by the school district you are in. Trinity (mixed school), Horace Mann (mixed school), Brearley (girl school), Collegiate (boy school), Spence (girl school), Chapin (girl school) and Dalton (mixed school) are top private schools. For example, the son of media tycoon Murdoch had studied at Trinity Private School. Up to the university education stage, there are world famous Columbia University, Cornell University, New York University, Juilliard School of Music, Parsons School of Design and so on in and around Manhattan. Lady Gaga, director of Ang Lee is a graduate of the Film Academy at New York University. Former Gucci designer Tom Ford, Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, Marc Jacobs, Anns Sui and Chinese designer Jason Wu for Louis Vuitton, and Alexander Wang are Parsons School of Design. Outstanding alumni.

Because Manhattan is so prosperous, the employment environment has the incomparable superiority of other cities, and house prices are more supportive. Many celebrities and politicians, super rich, have chosen to live here. Huamei Winning Recommended Company Hot Selling Project - Manhattan Donghe Bay Seaview Apartment

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The project is located at 421 Kent Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, and arrives on Wall Street in 10 minutes. The region is almost zero in the US FBI crime rate statistics, and the educational resources around the project are abundant. The project covers an area of ​​8813m2 of construction---the project has a total of 216 sales units. It is a four-sided American-style building with 7 floors above ground and 2 floors underground (parking and clubhouse). The community clubhouse includes swimming pools, aerobic gymnasiums, cafes and other recreational facilities. Supporting facilities also include day care and art galleries.

Manhattan·Donghewan Seaview Apartment from $800,000

Recommended reason: Traffic advantage: Kent Street is a popular residential area in New York, 10 minutes to Wall Street; transportation facilities include water taxis (1 block away), subway (3 blocks away), public transport (out of the box), 15 minutes by car Can go to Midtown Manhattan and Lower City. It has complete supporting facilities, leading regional development, tight market, high cost performance, high safety and high quality education environment. Click to view project details<<<

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