Kitchen Tiles Material Selection Guide

In the kitchen, people's eyes tend to stay in the design of the kitchen. In fact, the wall tiles in the kitchen also play an important role. In the past, the tiles, especially the wall tiles, were almost all glossy, with less texture change, but this situation has now been broken. With the gradual improvement of the production process, the texture of the surface of the tile has been greatly changed, creating different styles. With the advent of the decoration season, buying ceramic tiles also has more convenience.

Smaller-sized tiles have become more popular in the kitchen than in the past. Many people find that small-sized square tiles can create many unexpected changes. They are very suitable for small kitchen walls. Some small tiles are only 5 to 13 cm in size, and Small bricks can also be used as embellishments and have excellent results.

To highlight the effects of changes in the kitchen space, dark tiles are no longer the only choice. When the kitchen is generally small, light-colored tiles are conducive to expanding the space of view, more and more people are welcome. The pure-looking white color is the most popular color, it does not even need any dark flowers or twills, patterns, just decorated with colored lines and flowers, can bring out a bright, stylish feeling. Light blue, apple green, light purple and other cold-colored tiles are also very popular, and they are often paved with white tiles.

Tiles create a kitchen atmosphere

The kitchen can choose a set of fancy tiles, embellished with plain walls, and the housewife adds a lively atmosphere. At present, fancy tiles on the market are mostly imported from Europe. Some of them feature art and fashion styles, and some focus on the fun of natural things. Generally, there are six pieces, ten pieces or twelve pieces, and the personality is very clear. Tiles from Europe have different styles created by different designers. Most of the styles imported from domestic brands are sold in limited quantities, so they are very valuable. Brands such as bardellt, apptant, and versace are more savory and the tiles are more than just tiles, and they have more artwork. Spending a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars to buy back several "tile works of art" seamlessly integrates into their own kitchen space, which is a painting. Imported fancy tiles are mostly suitable for kitchens with a size of more than 10 square meters. They can show the complete set of display effects. The price is naturally high, and the average one is about 100 yuan or more.

When choosing tiles, it is more important to have the idea of ​​"decorating" tiles. A single wall tile looks beautiful on its own: the background is simple and the pattern is bright. It is often dazzling, disorderly, and visually intrusive when the wall is repeatedly covered with densely and repeatedly. Therefore, the choice of tiles must also be based on "decoration". Consumers can also refer to model mock-ups that have shaped legends, or allow merchants to give professional advice and advice based on your creativity, and businesses that offer such consulting services are increasingly available.

If the kitchen area is a bit small and you don’t want the wallet to be hurt, you can choose a domestic brand tile. Like Omega's "I love the kitchen" series, the colors and patterns are designed by Italian designers, trying to create a romantic, casual kitchen atmosphere, the price is more affordable, a twenty or thirty dollars up and down, three or four blocks can be complete , Personality is called out.

How much of the tiles are used with confidence

The most important thing to buy a tile is to buy a brand brick. Some small manufacturers fight crazy price wars by driving down production costs. Little did they know that they were willing to save money and bought ceramic tiles that were not worn by small factories. After one year, the brick surface was cracked, cracked, and unsightly. Spend money to re-lay bricks, a variety of electricity and gas pipelines that have been paved are not easy to move it; second, the clutter of the second renovation has stirred the rest of the family. The most terrible thing is that there are small factories that use low-cost products that are not environmentally friendly. These “sources of poison” laid on the walls and on the ground threaten people’s health every day. So it is recommended that consumers choose brand bricks. Domestic first-line brand tile prices are not expensive, thousands of yuan can mess up a dozen square meters of kitchen. General domestic first-line brand tiles such as Omega, Nobel, Champions, etc. are all health and environmental protection building materials. Such as Omega's products to go through the second high-temperature calcination more than 200 minutes, the product is very low water absorption, brick surface pores so that it is difficult to penetrate into the stains, the tiles wait more convenient.

The size of floor tiles currently on the market is generally between 300×300 mm and 500×500 mm, and most of them are treated with anti-slip treatment. The surface is divided into matt and polished. According to the origin can be divided into imports, joint ventures and domestic three, imported tiles are mostly in Spain and Italy. Due to the differences in the production process and material selection technology of the floor tiles, prices vary greatly. The price of domestic tiles is generally around 40-80 yuan per square meter; the price of joint venture products is generally between 80-150 yuan per square meter; the price of imported brands is mostly around 150-230 yuan per square meter.

Behind the cabinets are also covered with tiles

Many families now buy sets of cabinets. Do not think that the space behind the cabinet can't be seen anyway, so that the walls are bare, but it should be covered with ceramic tiles behind the cabinets. First, the tiles are the best protection for the kitchen wall waterproofing layer; secondly, the tiles will greatly reduce the kitchen moisture to the cabinets and prevent the cabinets from being moldy and deformed. Some ceramic tiles such as median Spanish tiles, Omega tiles, and rak tiles add moisture proof and acid proof features to the kitchen and are more suitable for the kitchen's complicated environment. Thirdly, due to the different specifications of the tiles, the countertops of the cabinets may not coincide with the seams of the tiles. . If there is a tile on the back of the cabinet, you don't have to slicing the tiles and affecting the appearance.

Choosing a good brick to decorate the kitchen

Tiles have a variety of materials, divided into glazed tiles, whole body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, mosaic several categories. In a large area such as the kitchen, the preferred is a smooth or matte glazed tile, which is very easy to clean and can create "fashionable" effects. At present, many brands have rich matte glazed tiles for consumers to choose. General ladies will like the color transparent, like the Sino-Building Spain series of light or the best of Fruity-like gorgeous, and men will love the Omega antique series of subtle fashion sense, but also with a strong Italian style.

Floor tile material is best to choose a matte surface, to prevent the kitchen soup water to make the ground slippery, accidentally security into a problem. Therefore, it is the first place to choose non-slip floor tiles.

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