LED energy-saving lamp design theory

The emergence of LEDs has broken the design methods and ideas of traditional light sources, and there are currently two new design concepts.

1. Scenario lighting: designing lamps with environmental requirements. The scene lighting is based on the location, aiming to create a beautiful and beautiful lighting environment to enhance the scene effect and make people feel the scene atmosphere.

2. Emotional lighting: designing lamps based on human needs. Emotional lighting is based on human emotions, creating a mood-like lighting environment from a human perspective. Emotional lighting consists of four aspects: one is environmental protection and energy conservation, the other is health, the third is intelligent, and the fourth is humanization.

"Emotional Lighting Book" is China's first book to lead the trend of LED lighting design, breaking the situation that design theory has long been monopolized by foreign giants, making LED application easier for the market. Contribute the latest mood lighting design concepts to share with you, and hope that more experts, scholars and designers will participate in the discussion and make suggestions.

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