Living room tiles Note 4 major points of attention novice must see

The modern family still pays more attention to the decoration of the living room because the living room is the main space that can be seen when you enter the living room. However, most of the owners will tile the living room, which is not only beautiful and atmospheric, but also more convenient for cleaning and care. But what should you pay attention to in the living room paving tiles? Here are the notes on the four large living room tiles that you can share with everyone. Let's take a look.

Living room tiles Note 1, before the living room to be paving the tiles, be sure to first carefully choose the wall tiles. The tiles on the market are dazzling, brands should choose higher visibility, so that quality is guaranteed. As for the color, we should pay attention to it. Generally, the tiles of the living room are preferably white or light-colored, so as to make the living room spacious and bright.

Tiles in the living room Note 2, after screening a good tile, the tile should be immersed in 2h or more water, to be fully dry before the surface of the water can be used. Then, before laying, it is also necessary to carry out line placement and rowing bricks, so that planning and purpose can be carried out; instead of the whole bricks, they should be discharged at the secondary site or the female corner. However, it should be noted that each wall should not have two columns of non-integrated bricks, rather than the width of the entire brick should not be less than one third of the entire brick.

Tiles in the living room Note 3, then paving bricks, should determine the level and vertical signs, as well as a good footing. In addition, the surface of the wall tiles should be flat, the seams should be straight, and the seam width should be uniform. As for the internal corner brick should be pressed to the right, should be made to docking 45 ° angle, and the protruding surface of the wall should be a whole set of bricks cut anastomosis, must not use non-complete brick patchwork shop.

Tiles in the living room to pay attention to the matter 4, in preparation for the beginning of the brick, mortar mortar should be combined in accordance with 1:2 ratio before paving, and mortar thickness should be 6 ~ l0mm. In addition, the cement mortar should be spread over the back of the tile, and one wall should not be affixed to the top at a time to prevent it from falling. The same is true of the tiles on the floor. It should be carried out orderly and slowly.

Xiao Bian concludes: For the attention of the living room tiles , it is introduced to this, I hope Xiao Bian's finishing helps the friend who wants to decorate the house. Some people may think that home decoration is usually handled by a professional decoration company, but as the owner is still necessary for these matters to understand, beneficial and harmless.

Living room tiles

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