Locksmith's purchase channel talk

As the person in charge of the Zhaoqing Lock Art Hall of Huizhou Mingji, a locksmith who has been engaged in the lock industry for more than ten years is always in the middle of the world. Today, I will use the magazine "Modern Lock Industry", a Chinese magazine for locks. A few words.

In a big way: locks are not only human daily necessities, but also cultural objects. They represent the culture of a country and a nation in different historical periods; from a small perspective: it is the patron saint of security around us. It is related to the safety of every family, unit and public place. With the rapid development of science and technology, the locks have evolved from wooden locks to today's smart locks. Personal feelings with the application of high technology in the lock industry, high technical content, strong confidentiality, adapt to life and individual needs, beautifully shaped locks will There is more and more market.

In the face of this development momentum, as a locksmith in front of the lock industry, how do we get to know the manufacturers and customers for better purchase?

First of all: talk about the manufacturer : Everyone knows that in the south of China, Guangdong (especially Zhongshan) is the production base, producing handle locks and spherical door locks; Shandong is in the north, and Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu are the production bases in East China. Mainly known as padlocks, but these are simple statistics, and we only refer to our procurement. The actual situation is based on personal purchasing experience: low-grade iron and aluminum handle locks are sold in Zhejiang in recent years. Red, the South will pay more attention to the panel material, space aluminum, zinc alloy, stainless steel, rarely iron. The research and development of the southern lock cylinders are known to the two brands. Currently, the market is full of locksmiths, and the locksmiths are actually very clear. It is only a matter of time before the locks are sold in our hands. The locks sold are not very popular with our locksmiths. The lock cylinder lock panel itself is not installed in the south. I was invited to visit the process flow of Zhongshan Lebaijia Hardware Co., Ltd., and the panel and handle are equipped with black embryo fine electroplating. The style is flexible and changeable. The cost and quality can be controlled from the manufacturer, and the lock core research and development laboratory can improve the accuracy. Generally speaking: If the manufacturer found by the locksmith friend is not like this, but the workshop factory uses several components to outsource, I believe that the purchase price must not come down or the quality is too low.

Secondly: talk about the customers of the locksmith friends: Everyone knows that the locksmiths who make the small dots are generally from the neighborhood, what do you do bigger? For the local community owners, of course, there are also special: For example, our lock art hall is based on Huizhou Mingji as the center of the city, serving local, and concurrently wholesale to develop in eight cities across the country. But no matter what, we are facing the same customer, the community owner is the main customer, for the user, "a thousand picks first, each has some love." Tell a joke: There is a locksmith who locks the door. The owner calls his door with a lock with a dragon pattern, because he is the boss, the hostess has a lock with a phoenix pattern, the children’s room is equipped with a cartoon lock, and the room is loaded. With a lock for welcoming pines, can you do this for a while? There are still some customers who want to lock the lock core on the market, etc. As a locksmith, you have to meet the personality requirements of the owner, then you will be tired and half dead and can’t earn a few dollars or your liquidity will be frequent. The red line. In fact, these products are still not lacking, as long as everyone pays more attention to the market, which manufacturer and which dealers have these locks, can solve quickly when problems occur. Just like the manufacturer I visited a few days ago, I just have these products. This is just a broken list of some customers. It is not very effective for them, but the customers have given me praise, which has established a good reputation in the local area. Very important.

Finally, talk about the purchase : because the lock industry is a multi-channel business operation, different manufacturers have different products with different business methods: producers - wholesalers - retailers - customers, these four links, each manufacturer will combine themselves The situation takes three links, or two links, and some of them go. As a locksmith friend, what method do we use to purchase? In our lock art chain lock industry: our main product is also the most profitable product adoption and factory special or general agent form procurement, other not commonly used: such as Mo Li, Wang Li, door closers , directly from the local wholesalers to get goods, not much use, inventory, affecting liquidity. Of course, according to the city, there is a place in a place.

   Because of the relationship of time, I will talk about this this time. The other thing is that the locksmiths are purchasing from the Internet: according to my experience, I am quite tired. I have a colleague who shares my feelings and published a sentence on the domestic well-known procurement website. Feeling, what is it: Time-consuming, no effect, you don't want to find it. The dear friend may be tired enough, so when I first saw the magazine of modern lock industry, my eyes were really bright. Friends who have done security know that there is a magazine called HC Security. I am thinking about the lock industry. There is no such magazine, I think I found it. He is the modern lock industry. This magazine is really too late, and my heart is looking forward to it. (Zhaoqing City Lock Art Hall Lock Industry Liu Ronghua)

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