Multifunctional bathroom into the market as a whole bathroom into a decoration fashion

It is often heard that people in the industry laugh about the fresh concept of “toilet can fish”, “bath can be called”, “bathroom can massage” and so on, and the multifunctionality of bathroom products has become one after another. According to the survey, the end product sales of the major products are not satisfactory, which is not closely related to the company's enthusiasm for product multi-functionalization.

Multifunctional products flood the market

In the sanitary ware exhibition halls of Foshan China Ceramics City, Yimeijia Sanitary Ware and Shiwan Sanitary Ware City, the multi-functional sanitary ware products are dazzling, and are also the focus of enterprises' display and promotion. For example, in the Mona Lisa bathroom exhibition hall, a large cylinder integrating surfing, radio, telephone, and temperature deployment is placed at the entrance of the exhibition hall and becomes the highlight of the exhibition hall. In the adjacent Nancy bathroom showroom, the Purchasing Manager focused on recommending bathroom cabinets with laundry functions. Some manufacturers specialized in the production of toilets also came to introduce their products, which include disinfection, massage, and douche. According to Mr. Tan from the oxo showroom, the multifunctionality of products has become a “head weapon” for companies to open up markets and create corporate brands.

Domestic goods sold abroad

The multifunctional products are expensive, and the price of a bathroom cabinet with a laundry table is nearly 10,000 yuan. Mona Lisa bathroom showroom staff said that the company's large cylinder price is more than 60,000 yuan. According to He Xiang, the Purchasing Guide Purchasing Manager, the sales of the shower room integrating massage, disinfection, music and other functions in the exhibition hall stated that these products now look at many people and fewer people are buying.

After visiting more than a dozen sanitary ware showrooms, the author learned that companies encountering similar situations are not uncommon. According to industry sources, compared with similar foreign products, the prices of domestic products are relatively low, but the sales situation is far inferior to that of foreign brands. There are four main reasons: First, the bathroom space of domestic households is small, and the volume of multi-functional products is too large. Some products can only be sold to a limited number of high-end customers, while others are almost unattractive. Second, the masses of households now need to upgrade their spending power and psychology to consume high-priced luxury goods. Third, the diversification of product features has also caused consumers' doubts about quality, energy consumption and safety, and has affected consumers' desire to purchase. Fourth, in the engineering channel competition, domestic brands have low product awareness compared with foreign countries. For example, buyers generally believe that the quality standards, strict controls, sophisticated design, and perfect services of foreign brands of sanitary ware products, and strict quality control and processes of production have greatly satisfied the quality and service standards of five-star hotels. Picky requirements.

Lack of brand promotion

Not only does China's sanitary products lack high-end consumer groups in the domestic market, foreign sales are also not optimistic. “In Europe and the United States, consumers have taken a one-sided view that China's sanitary products are of low quality and low quality, making it difficult to achieve an elegant appearance.” Tang Guodao, who works as a sanitary ware business in China Ceramics City, stated that foreign countries have set up such trade barriers for Chinese sanitary ware products. To prevent Chinese products from entering the "consumer market" in Europe and the United States. In addition, foreign consumers have a great deal of misunderstanding about Chinese products and even misunderstandings, which directly affect the local sales of Chinese ceramic products. In fact, excellent Chinese sanitary brand products, whether it is the appearance of streamline design, color matching, or technical innovation, product design, technical design, internal control quality standards, etc. are not inferior to foreign brand products, what is lacking is only the enterprises There are gaps in promotion efforts, industry collaboration awareness, marketing skills and brand influence.

According to the purchase guide of Kohler showroom, although the sanitary industry in China has experienced rapid development in the past 20 years and the industrial chain has been increasingly perfected, there are lags in design, homogenization of products, lack of cooperation in the industry, extensive management, and arbitrariness in cultural introduction. There is a gap, so that the overall construction of the domestic bathroom brand lagging behind, thus subject to people. The heads of many sanitary products said that at present, China's sanitary products can compete with foreign products in terms of technology, appearance and function, and even cost-effective, which has caused great pressure on foreign companies. Now, domestic companies are in urgent need of integration. Resources to enhance the overall brand image.

The whole bathroom into a new consumer fashion

According to the analysis of relevant experts in the industry, although there is still a certain gap between the design, consumption, and marketing of the multifunctional products and the expectation of the company, more stays in the concept, but this must be one of the trends in the industry. The new era has given sanitary products new cultural connotations, from the single-purpose nature of the past to the combination of decorativeness and versatility. Modern sanitary ware gives the sanitary ware consumption a variety of functions such as bathing, health care, leisure, entertainment, warmth, fashion, etc. Therefore, in the process of satisfying multi-level consumer demand, the functional development and technical design of the sanitary ware products are equally important, which is undoubtedly worth learning and affirming. It is of great benefit to improve the technical value and grade of sanitary products.

Tang Guodao said that the design of modern sanitary ware is not just a solution to the curvilinear application of bathroom products' appearance and streamlines, built-in space and ergonomics. It also includes functional and technical design, and even the design of personalized sanitary ware products and family health needs. The integration of design, function design and architecture, from the sanitary ware to accessories, design and construction from the top of the bathroom space, the color of the wall, the color of the ground, the creation of the space atmosphere, and the design of any single product of all bathroom products. All integrated into the overall solution of a unified style. From the computer steam room, massage cylinder, bathroom cabinet, bathroom mirror, toilet, wash basin, bidet, hardware accessories and other bathroom products supporting and selection, or even "tailor-made" - consumers to the overall bathroom space decoration The layout, design, function configuration, atmosphere creation and other specific requirements and standards should be taken into consideration. In order to achieve the dual enjoyment from life demand to spiritual pleasure, to provide consumers with bathing, leisure, health, fashion, warm, sweet in one of the modern new sanitary ware fashion.

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