Noodle decoration elements spend the least money to design the most tasteful noodle restaurant

For noodle decoration design, the design of noodle shops is very important. In many large cities, there are a large number of various types of noodles, and due to the different environments in the market, the size and layout standards of the shops are also different. Next Xiaobian introduced the noodle decoration elements for everyone.

Noodle decoration elements

1. The design of the noodle house should be consistent with the orientation of the surrounding storefronts, and the relationship between the wall partition layout and the space volume, proportion and elevation scale should be appropriate, and the combination layout of commercial decoration and store space design should be as far as possible. You can see the key at a glance.

2. For the noodle house entrance design, it is a key design part of the store, and the size and layout should be determined according to the specific conditions of the noodle house brand positioning, geographical environment and other specific conditions. The frontage, front cards, advertisements, etc. of the noodle shop must be coordinated with each other and must be clearly identified and oriented.

3. The expansion of the interior space of the noodle restaurant is an extension of the outside space of the store, which can attract important space for people's traffic. Sometimes the beef noodles on the front of the store smell fragrant and can attract many guests. Therefore, the extension outside the store should be Open, flexible and attract crowds.

4, noodle house design in the choice of color, we must pay attention to the overall effect, how to make full use of color contrast, can enhance the visual impression and the effect of dining appetite, general noodle gallery color tone to highlight the warm tone, highlight the key display parts, With the corresponding contrasting colors.

5. The material selection and decoration design in the store are basically the same as those for the design of the door and the outer wall, so as to maintain the consistency of style and culture inside and outside the store.

Editor's summary: The noodle decoration elements are introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone, want to learn more relevant knowledge can focus on this site information.

Noodle decoration

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