Peach trees and flowers promote high yield

There are many flower buds in peach trees, and the fruiting rate is high. After entering the fruiting stage, the fruit is often reduced due to too many fruit setting, which weakens the tree potential and results less in the next year. In order to ensure the quality of peach products and the high yield of years, it is necessary to carry out flower thinning.

The sparse buds are dominated by the buds. The suitable period of the peach buds begins to appear red in the flower buds. It takes 4 to 5 days before flowering. During this time, the buds can be removed with a finger tapping, which is easier to operate. When the amount of flowers is large, the flowering period can also be thinned.

Sparse flowers need to go to poor and those with poor development, small flowers, deformed flowers to be removed. The long fruit branches are thinned off the front and rear flowers, leaving the middle position; the short fruit branches and the bouquet-like fruit branches go to the back flower, leaving the front end. Generally, only one flower is left in the double flower bud node; the long fruit branch leaves 5 to 6; the middle fruit branch is 3 to 4; the short fruit branch and the bouquet-shaped fruit branch leave 2 to 3; the reserve branch does not leave flowers.

According to the tree potential, the younger trees are less and more reserved, and the tree retention is moderate during the fruiting period. The old and weak trees are less and more sparse, the outer branches are more sparse, the inner litchi is more sparse and less; the strong branches are less and less sparse. Weak branches are less and less. Pollen-free varieties should also be budded and then pollinated to increase the fruit setting rate.

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