People and space coordination living room sofa size selection strategy

The choice of the living room sofa is in addition to the style and style. Many people think that the size of the living room sofa is not too much attention, as long as the living room can be placed, enough for their own use. In fact, if you don't understand the relationship between the size of the living room sofa and the human body and space, it is very difficult to buy a comfortable sofa.

The real comfort is to be scaled. The sofas in our life are generally divided into single sofas, double sofas, three-seat sofas and sofa beds. Their size also has certain specifications. For example, the length of a single sofa is generally eighty to ninety-five centimeters. The space is occupied by the assembly, and one person is too spacious to sit and two people are sitting and crowded. The size of a two-seat sofa is between one hundred and twenty-six centimeters to one hundred and fifty centimeters, and the size of a three-seat sofa is between one hundred and seventy-five centimeters to one hundred and ninety-six centimeters.


Secondly, the size of the living room sofa is also differently adjusted due to the different shapes. However, when choosing a sofa, it must be combined with the physical indicators of the family and the family, for example, the height of the upper body, the length of the calf, the length of the thigh and the body. The width, as well as the habits of life, such as the sitting posture, and the extent of turning over when lying down. From the perspective of ergonomics, if the height of the cushion of the sofa is greater than the length of the calf, the feet must be suspended or stand up when sitting, which will be very uncomfortable and unnatural, and there will be many changes in life. If the sofa is too low, it is difficult to sit down or stand up, and it is easy to produce numbness when the legs are bent.


Once again, we need to choose the size of the living room sofa in combination with the size of the room. In general, the room size is less than 60 square meters, the living room is very small or there is no separate living room. At this time, the sofa should choose a smaller split sofa, which can be freely combined or moved, but it is best not to exceed three, otherwise it will make the room look crowded. For a room type of 60 to 100 square meters, you can choose a medium-sized two-person sofa or three people, and it is best to choose a split type, so that you can flexibly combine according to the shape of the living room. There is also a room type of more than one hundred square meters, so the living room is relatively large, usually about 30 square meters, when choosing a sofa, it is relatively large, and it should be a one-piece sofa. If you choose a split type, then It seems that in the living room, the sofa show is not the same as the grade.


Finally, when you buy a sofa, it is best to try to sit down and feel comfortable in all aspects of your body. Don't rush to buy after seeing the favorite sofa. You can measure the size of the sofa in the living room first and compare it back home. Because sometimes we feel the size of the sofa in the living room is not accurate, or we should be fully prepared. Only then.

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