Points to pay attention to when purchasing faucets

Water is the source of life, and the health of drinking water has attracted more and more attention. Therefore, choosing a good faucet is extremely important. So how do we choose a quality faucet?

First, we have to look at the brightness of the surface. Pay attention to the gloss of the surface when purchasing. A rust without rust is directly related to the health of our drinking water. The body of the faucet is generally made of copper, with no burrs, no pores, no oxidized spots, and no rust in the specified time limit.

Second, we can look at the spool of the faucet. In the use of materials in faucets, ceramic materials are a cost-effective material that is resistant to aging, wear, and maintenance, ensuring operational stability, saving maintenance costs and labor intensity. Most of the faucets use ceramic valve cores, which have excellent sealing performance. The ceramic valve core makes the faucet not easy to leak water droplets, and also achieves the purpose of environmental protection and water saving.

Third, we can turn the handle gently. Check the various parts of the faucet, especially if the main parts are assembled tightly, and there should be no loose feeling. Lightweight and flexible, non-blocking, guarantee the quality of the faucet.

Finally, we can't ignore the style of the faucet. Find a faucet with the same design style as the washbasin, basin, shower, basin shower, sink, etc. It can make the kitchen and bathroom coordinate and have an aesthetic sense.

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