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Rolling bearing repair

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-01-11

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Rolling bearing repair summary: flexible gearbox housing production line multi-head linkage drilling machine double star machine birth five-axis processing machine shopping mall new dry flow turning large deep groove ball bearing channel with a knife UAI why Qinchuan loves glory and desire ANSYS10. The important new function is based on the binding of the combined fixture installation modeling and depicting the harm of oil film bearing oil influx and the solution Jinyun JG-250550 laser cutting machine is available. I see CIMT2007 active filling and packaging equipment ligating things to protect the equipment Jingguanchun prosperity I see the first The new method of turning the conical surface of the 10th China International Machine Tool Show uses the CNC milling machine to process the spiral rotor CNC programmer: adding a "brain" Matlab 3D block modeling and coloring the tip radius to the feed rate and surface roughness CNC compound high-speed micro-active cutting cutting system from step-peel stripping strength end mill repairing rolling bearing professional demand failure and ability to company parts rolling bearing many production machinery parts production precision requirements are very strict skills specialization degree most simple bearing types In terms of acquisition and repair, the following conditions should be considered. Many plants use the same type of bearing failure mode first appearance tumbling abrasive wear fretting fatigue particularly damaged parts adhere to tumble washer correction value.
Rolling bearings are many mechanical parts produced; and the precision of production is very strict; the degree of specialization of skills is very high; therefore, for most types of bearings that are simply bought; it should be more cost-effective than the repair; as long as the following conditions Next; think about the correction problem of the bearing; that is, (1) many of the same types of bearings used in large factories; the failure mode is mainly the wear of the tumbling appearance; fatigue or fretting abrasion; especially the damaged parts are mostly racks or tumbling Body; the ferrule or gasket still has a correction value,
(2) large and extra large bearings; close to failure or failure, but the parts have not been seriously damaged; or valuable bearings need to try to extend their useful period of use,
(3) Some types of bearings that are difficult to purchase; have no spare parts after failure and have to be repaired; especially imported bearings;
(4) The bearing has minor damage; for example, the fine rust that occurs during the inventory period; and the slight fretting abrasion that occurs during the transportation process; it is a pity that such condition correction is abbreviated.
In addition to economics; bearing repair has its skill; this requires the repairer to fully understand the corresponding skill requirements of the bearing; and the layout, process and data characteristics of the bearing and its parts; otherwise it is difficult to ensure the repair of the bearing Have the effect of meeting the demand.
First, the economic benefits of bearing repair Generally speaking; the types of bearings are small; the number is large; the price of a single bearing is high; or the layout of the bearing is simple. The scale is large; the repair cost is relatively low; the higher the economic benefit.
Others; monitor the operation of the bearing; plan to repair the bearing before failure; can get twice the result with half the effort; follow a reasonable process; use efficient repair equipment and things; and get the assistance of professional bearing factory; Helps to improve economic efficiency.
Second, the advantages of cooperation with professional bearing companies users in the repair of the bearing business; if you can get the cooperation of professional bearing companies; will be able to get the following advantages:
(1) the skill requirements of each process that can be clearly repaired; and how to ensure the overall quality of the repaired bearings;
(2) Ability to use many of the specialized experience of specialized bearing plants; these experiences can reach process requirements reliably, efficiently, and economically.
(3) It is possible to order a mold for a professional bearing company; it can be used for repairing affairs; it can be economical and saves a lot of troubles.
(4) Can order from professional bearing companies such as holding frames; rolling parts, rivets and other accessories; can make the repairing work simple and convenient.
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