Selecting the four "strategies" of sanitary ware for the perfect design of bathroom

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the decorative design of the bathroom. The pursuit of the beauty of the bathroom, comfort and individualization and gentrification has become a kind of fashion.

It not only provides a comfortable sanitary shower environment for everyday life, but also increases the color of life and the enjoyment of art, bringing the user into a happy world. As the sanitary ware of the main body of the bathroom, their shape and their completeness occupy a very important position in the interior decoration. In the selection of sanitary ware should pay attention to the following points:

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First, the color of the washbasins, toilets, bathtubs, etc. of sanitary wares must be the same, and the grades of the washbasins and bathtubs should be coordinated with the color of the tiles of the bathroom.

Generally, the color of the sanitary ware in the bathroom is similar to that of the floor tiles, and the same brand should be selected for the three-way faucets of the basin faucet and the bathtub, and the same style is more coordinated. The water spout is best chosen with a single handle ceramic core. Because the ceramic valve nozzle is more durable than the rubber core and does not leak water.

Second, in the choice of toilet before you want to find out whether the toilet reserved outlet is under drainage or horizontal drainage.

If it is drainage, please measure the distance from the center of the outlet to the wall, and then select the toilet with the same distance. Otherwise, it cannot be installed. If horizontal drainage, to find out the height of the outlet to the ground, the height of the toilet outlet and reserved outlet should be the same or slightly higher to ensure smooth drainage.

Third, how to choose a water-saving toilet, there is often a misunderstanding, that the smaller the water tank, the more water, the festival does not save water to see the size of the water tank.

In fact, whether or not the toilet water saving does not depend entirely on the size of the water tank. It is mainly due to the design of toilet flushing and drainage systems and water tank accessories. Some toilet tanks are small, but the performance is very poor. One flush is not clean. It takes two or three times to clean. Some toilet tanks are not small, but the tank water line is very low, flushing water is very good, the same water-saving.

Therefore, whether the toilet water-saving, can not just look at the size of the water tank, can not only listen to dealers, dealers should be requested from the national technical supervision agency's product testing report marked by the amount of toilet flush. The 6 liters of water used in China are water-saving toilets. The 4,5 litre water-saving toilets produced by Ying Tao are currently the most water-saving toilets in China.

Fourth, how to distinguish the quality of ceramics used in sanitary ware.

The general high-quality sanitary ware is glazed and clean, and there are no phenomena such as lumps, chromatic aberration, pinholes, and lack of glazing. The sound produced by striking a ceramic with a hard object is crisp. The inferior products are generally glazed with more pin-eye spots, bumps, cracks, and lack of glaze. The appearance is slightly deformed (the countertops are not buckled on the countertops, and the toilet is shaken on the ground, etc.). Unclear, the sound from the percussion sounds dull and clear.

When choosing a sanitary ware, customers should also consider the elderly and children in the family. There should be armrests and anti-skid measures for bath selection to avoid personal accidents during bathing, and they should also consider their affordability from the price, and they can find some in-house staff to help. Choose economical, beautiful, and durable sanitary ware.

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