Shanxi Coal Chemistry Institute Low-cost high-quality graphene tonnage pilot technology passed Shanxi Province

Shanxi Coal Research Institute Identification of low-cost, high-quality graphene tonnage pilots through Shanxi Science and Technology Department

The graphene pilot technology development project of the Shanxi Institute of Coal Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was jointly supported by the Taiyuan Science and Technology Bureau and Jinneng Group Co., Ltd., has undergone years of research and has made breakthrough progress. The tonnage pilot test is stable and normal.

Recently, Shanxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology organized experts to appraise the “low-cost, high-quality graphene tonnage pilot technology” completed by scientific research personnel of Shanxi Coal Chemical Institute. The appraisal committee was Professor Wei Fei from Tsinghua University, Qiu Jieshan from Dalian University of Technology Professor Su Dangsheng from the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Chengyang from Tianjin University, Zhilin Jie from the National Center for Nanoscience, and Secretary of the China Graphene Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. Li Yichun, chief engineer of Ningbo CSR New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Dian Dianbo, Professor Song Huaihe of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and Professor Liu Xuguang of Taiyuan University of Technology, etc., composed of nine experts in domestic materials and chemical fields. The meeting was chaired by Li Lei, the Planning Achievement Division of the Shanxi Provincial Science and Technology Department. Zhang Xiaojun, Director of the Planning Department of the Science and Technology Bureau of Taiyuan Municipality, attended the meeting. Lu Chunxiang, deputy director of the Shanxi Coal Chemicals Institute, Jiang Dong, Director of the Science and Technology Development Division, Wang Dali, Deputy General Manager of the Jinneng Group, Wang Wei, Director of the New Industry Management Department, and project team members attended the meeting.

Chen Chengmeng, deputy researcher of the project leader, reported on the innovation, advancement, and application prospects of graphene pilot test technology in Shanxi Coal Chemistry Institute.

Experts of the appraisal committee reviewed the appraisal materials after hearing the report. Through consultations, discussions and on-site inspections, they all agreed that the graphene project team of Shanxi Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. achieved technological control through the technological innovation and achieved breakthrough in the continuous separation and purification of graphite oxide. Technology and graphene continuous expansion carbonization technology, independent research and development of supporting core equipment, to complete the low-cost high-quality graphene tons of engineering amplification, the formation of 10 tons of complete sets of process technology foundation. The product has the advantages of high purity (>99.9%), large specific surface area (600-1000 m2/g), and stable quality. Six items of graphene product analysis and detection methods have been established, which have received unanimous approval from the industry and made great contributions to promoting the standardization process of graphene.

Compared with similar technologies at home and abroad, the graphene pilot test technology of Shanxi Coal Chemical Industry has reached the international advanced level as a whole, and has broad application prospects and promotion value. This technology fully demonstrates the research and development capabilities of Shanxi Coal Chemicals in the graphene field.

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