Shoe cabinet partition which is divided into several kinds of installation shoe cabinet cut off matters needing attention

Shoe cabinet partition is generally installed in the entrance of the entrance position, because the entrance is home to people can see at first glance, so the design and installation of the shoe partition is very important, want to understand the shoe compartment partition is divided into what kinds of it? so then you take a look and small series shoe off and divided into several partitions installed shoe precautions now!

First, the shoe compartment partition is divided into several

Open style

The open shoe compartment partition refers to designing an entire wall cabinet at the entrance to the wall. The upper and lower parts of the wall cabinet can be designed as cabinet structures that can store items, without any division in the middle, and can be hung. On several hooks, it is convenient to hang some keys, bags, coats and the like when entering the door.

2. Semi-open

Semi-open shoe compartment partition refers to the upper half of the open-ended shoe compartment is closed, or the left half is open, the right half is closed and other modeling.

3. Closed

Closed shoe compartment partition design is more common in life, the entrance door is a whole wall of the entrance porch shoe model, some owners will design a long strip of the cabinet, and some is a space in the middle, a design in the middle of a Countertops, to facilitate people usually put some keys and other belongings.

Second, install the shoe compartment cut off matters needing attention

1. Observe the construction environment

The main purpose of surveying the construction environment is to check whether the site has the installation conditions, and record the position of the beam column and the position of the air-conditioning piping system to determine the final design and construction plan. The best time for construction is that the interior has not started any renovation. Before proceeding.

2. Measurement positioning

According to the construction drawing, the control line for the active partition shall be released on the indoor floor, and the position of the partition wall shall be led to the side wall and the ceiling. Note that the installation height of the track must be negotiated in advance with the construction team installing the ceiling to avoid unnecessary Trouble.

3. Steel Structure and Rail Mounting

Steel structure is the main load-bearing structure connecting the roof and the track. Because the steel structure involves the safety of the entire active partition system, it must not be taken lightly, and the screws must be pulled on the top of the building strictly according to the construction drawings, and then Angle iron welding fixed.

4. Install the activity panel

Each panel is accurately marked with a pulley laying line, and then the fixing frame of the pulley is fixed with screws, and then the panel is installed in the track, and the vertical surface of the panel and the floor is adjusted to ensure the push and pull is flexible, and finally the fans are connected again. Fixed it.

Xiao Bian summary: The above is the small shoe for everyone to share the shoe compartment partition which is divided into several types and install the shoe compartment cut off matters needing attention, it is recommended that everyone according to their own entrance area to install their own shoe partition, I hope the above sharing can help To everyone, for more information, please continue to pay attention to our website.

Shoe cabinet partition

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