Symptoms and prevention of common diseases of bamboo shoots

First, bamboo shoots disease

1, symptoms. The site of the occurrence is at the fork of the new shoot or shoot. The lesions are initially light brown dots, which are continuously expanded into a prismatic or irregular shape, and the color is purple. When the lesion is wrapped around the main branch or the branch, the leaves above the lesion begin to wilting, longitudinally curling, and then yellow and fall off. In the spring of the following year, many black, granular fruit bodies emerged from the lesions.

2, prevention and treatment. (1) Cutting off diseased plants and diseased branches before the production of fruiting bodies is an effective method to prevent and cure pathogens. (2) 50% carbendazim wettable powder 1:500-1000 times liquid; 50% thiophanate powder 1:500-1000 times liquid; 1% Bordeaux liquid control, continuous spraying 3-4 times.

Second, bamboo rust disease (also known as bamboo rickets)

Harmful white chicken, bamboo, bamboo, bamboo, etc.

1, symptoms. After the bamboo scorpion was killed, the diseased part became black and brittle, which made the bamboo forest grow weak, and the bamboo shoots were obviously reduced, and the whole plant died. Most of the lesions occur in the middle and lower parts of the bamboo raft. May-June produces a yellow-brown or dark brown, polka-like or wide strip of silty pad, which is the urediospores of the pathogen. After the spores of the summer spores fell off, the diseased part was dark brown and spread to the edge of the lesion and a macula appeared. The macula is a punctate or wide strip, rust-colored, leathery mat, which is the teliospores of the pathogen.

2, prevention and treatment. (1) The diseased plants were found to be cut off early and burned. (2) Reasonably staying bamboo, not making it too dense. (3) Before the production of teliospores in November, spray with 0.5-1 Baume's stone sulphur mixture or 1% sulphur sodium aqueous solution, once every 7-10 days, for 3 times. (4) It can also be sprayed with the above drugs from the end of May to the beginning of June (that is, the stage of bamboo shoots), which can prevent the production of urediospores and prevent the spread of spores.

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