The vicissitudes of rosewood and rosewood furniture

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From glory to destruction

Rosewood and rosewood furniture have been in the history of Chinese furniture for two hundred years. But from the total amount of furniture at the time, it was a rarity. From the perspective of their occupants, it is not an object of a well-off family. Tell a little story:

When I visited the county seat in Jixian County, there was a four-headed official hat chair with eucalyptus lacquer, covered with yellow satin. According to legend, Lafayette escaped to the county, and the county magistrate panicked. He was afraid of picking up the anger and angering Longyan, calling the rich and nostalgic to discuss, and a rich man took the matter, so that it would be a little lost or not. Sin, the second to take advantage of the opportunity can also touch the "imperial." Later, when Lafayette left, he gave him a yellow horse to show his praise. At that time, Lafayette was sitting on such a rafter chair. The chair was not necessarily the original one, but it was recorded in the county magistrate, and it was indeed a eucalyptus chair. At that time, Jixian County was a huge wealthy man in the country. The rich man was also the head of the county. But if he could have a Huanghuali chair, he wouldn’t let Cixi sit here! It seems that rich and expensive is not a matter of course, the rich man can have Thousands of fields, ten horse-drawn carriages, but one-water walnut furniture, and the face of the defeated Baylor House, although the days are not as good as before, but still sitting in a yellow pear chair to appreciate his red dot, lying on the red sandalwood The arhat bed is playing with the gourd.

These rosewood and rosewood furniture have been catastrophic since the liberation, but they have been devastated by the unprecedented catastrophe. It is a copying of the house, not a move. Whoever wins is more and more revolutionary. In an instant, the rarity becomes A pile of chopped wood.

From inheritance to innovation

In the 1980s at the beginning of the reform and opening up, people at home and abroad began to quietly search for hardwood furniture that still exists in the folks, and find artisans with traditional crafts to help repair. Many developed people in the furniture industry are repairing and assembling. Restructuring started. In those days, the people pursued three-door wardrobes and folding round tables and chairs. When more people have the idea of ​​creating antique furniture, things are basically gone.

The sense of smell of the merchant is extremely sensitive. In order to cater to the pursuit of more and more people, a large number of old-fashioned antique furniture, which was processed with new materials and then worn out, came into being. At that time, the market was not formed, but it was underground. Match the line and quietly trade. At that time, the quality wood in the South or abroad was both abundant and cheap, and it could be bought with the same kind of materials. The materials were relatively fine, and the craftsmen, after the previous round of repair and restructuring, the shape, structure, carvings, etc. of hardwood furniture. The traditional craftsmanship also touched the doorway, so the sales volume is not very large, and it is very easy to carry out each process, and strive to be more accurate, more perfect and more similar. As for the old work, it is completely inspired by the sale of old goods in the previous period. It is also a kind of inertia. Of course, a lot of people who have been squandered in the past, this is a promotion trick in a specific historical stage. Looking back now, the old batch of things, objectively speaking, in addition to the good materials are also good, but also added a little vicissitudes of life, it is true, can no longer be old to sell. This is a small transition of the furniture collection at the end of the last century, which lasted for more than ten years.

After entering the new century, people's nostalgia is more intense, and the number of people who love Ming and Qing furniture is increasing day by day. Classical homes are becoming fashionable, people's purchasing consciousness has become calmer, their eyesight has gradually improved, and new materials are gradually being used by most people. People recognize. As a result, the number of manufacturers has increased dramatically, and the new antique furniture business has been launched. In order to cope with the sudden purchase frenzy of Nuo Daguo, the indiscriminate defective products will inevitably be mixed into the market. Even the means of nails, dyed wood, and household glue are all used. It is no wonder that many netizens now have the original intention of surfing the Internet. It is the question of how to fix the cracks in the furniture.

The excessive demand of the market is really a godsend for the timber merchants. They go to the world and search for all directions. The magical power is naturally more than Zheng He. Many unheard-of this rosewood, the rosewood wood poured into the country, making many furniture fans hope to sigh, not to distinguish between true and false, even foggy! Even the craftsmen and even experts who have been doing mahogany furniture for decades, are stunned. I lament that I don’t have enough knowledge and need to relearn. Many netizens post to find out the materials that are suspected of red sandalwood and suspected huanghuali.

Raw Material Of Industry

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Raw Material Of Industry

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