Villa decoration budget list

It is not easy to buy a villa in one's life. Therefore, the decoration of the villa should also be paid special attention. Before the decoration, we need to budget the decoration cost so that the decoration materials can be better. So, the following editors will share with you a list of villa decoration budgets and how much the villa decoration generally costs .

Villa decoration budget list 1: decoration proportion budget

The decoration cost of the villa accounts for about 16% of the total price of the villa. The ratio of decoration materials is: living room: kitchen: bedroom: = 8: 6: 3. Today, the low-end decoration price on the market is 300-1200 yuan / square meter, the mid-range decoration price is 1500-2000 yuan / square meter, the high-end decoration price is 2200 yuan / square meter per square meter, and even more expensive.

Villa decoration budget list two: decoration materials budget

Determine the grade of decoration, and then you can clearly know the basic cost of decoration, and then the cost of decoration materials. Decoration materials include: materials used for walls, materials used for floors, plates, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, etc. Before renovating, you can first understand the cost of the decoration materials of different brands, and then choose the appropriate brand according to your own budget.

Villa decoration budget list three: distinguish the budget of the primary and secondary

The decoration of the villa is also divided into primary and secondary, some places need to focus on decoration, and some places are simple decoration, so you must first figure out. This saves a lot of money and also makes the main decoration space more perfect and refined. Nowadays, decoration usually buys furniture first, and then decoration, because the price of decoration materials changes greatly, we can buy first when it is cheap, and then save some money.

Villa decoration budget list 4: Hall small bedroom decoration

The living room decoration cost must be more than the bedroom, and also spend more thoughts. Because the living room is a place that reflects the decoration grade of the entire family and is also a place for receiving guests, the decoration must cost more money. The bedroom is mainly used for rest, warm and comfortable. But the storage must be done well to avoid insufficient storage, resulting in clutter.

Villa decoration budget list five: kitchen and bathroom decoration

Kitchen and bedroom decoration also need to spend a lot of money, but also pay special attention. The focus of kitchen and bathroom decoration is not on how beautiful it is, but on the use of materials. The bathroom and kitchen must be waterproof, and the hardware materials must be bought. Choose a big brand, and the quality is relatively guaranteed.

Editor's summary: The above is about the villa decoration budget list, and the general content of the villa decoration. The above prices are for your reference only, because there are different regions, there are gaps in prices. You can choose several decoration companies for comparison and choose those with high cost performance.

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