What are the contraindications for the use of bacterial biocides?

Bacterial bio- insecticides have the advantages of high insecticidal rate, no pollution to the environment, safety to natural enemies, harmless to humans and animals, and no resistance to pests. They are the new protective agents that are currently used in pollution-free cultivation, because of their control effects. It depends mainly on the bacterial activity in the drug, so you should pay attention to the following points when using it:
First, avoid using inferior drugs. It should be purchased from regular manufacturers and drug sales points to prevent counterfeiting, and pay attention to the date of manufacture and age of the drug and the reasonable storage and storage of the drug to prevent expiration. In addition, generally normal pharmaceutical products have a certain amount of bacteria, there should be no odor when opening the lid, and sometimes there will be citron (cultured material), while expired or fake products often produce odor or no smell. .
Second, avoid using at low temperatures. The active ingredients of bacterial biocides are protein crystals and living buds. Under low temperature conditions, the buds are slow to propagate in the pests, and the protein crystals are not easy to function. The ambient temperature is generally suitable at 10 to 35 ° C. If it is too low, it will affect the insect food intake, and the control effect is poor.
Third, avoid dry environment. The buds of bacteria in the bacterial bio-insecticides are in a humid environment. Therefore, the greater the humidity in the field, the higher the efficacy, especially the spraying of powdered biological pesticides should pay attention to the field humidity. Spray powder on the morning when there is dew in the morning and evening.
Fourth, avoid strong light. The ultraviolet rays in the sun have a killing effect on the buds, and if the light is intense, the ultraviolet rays will kill the bacteria. Therefore, insecticide spraying biopesticides bacteria should be performed in the low light or cloudy. It is usually applied before 10 am or in the evening on a sunny day.
Fifth, avoid heavy rain. Soon after spraying the bacterial bio-insecticide, in case of heavy rain, the bacteria sprayed on the stems and leaves of the crop will be washed away to reduce the efficacy. However, if it is light rain after 5 hours of application, it will not only reduce the control effect, but also have a synergistic effect.
Sixth, avoid mixing with fungicides. Do not mix with fungicides (such as carbendazim, thiophanate, etc.) when applying bacterial biocides, otherwise it will easily lead to a serious reduction in the number of bacteria in the drug, thus affecting the insecticidal effect. Therefore, even a sprayer that has been sprayed with a bactericide should be rinsed before assembling a bacterial biocide.

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