What are the materials of electric pressure cooker liner?

Electric pressure cooker, I believe we all know it, the Gospel of family cooking, brought great convenience to our cooking, then for the electric pressure cooker liner , you may not have known, so today we come together to explore and explore it Which material?

Electric pressure cooker liner, material 1, stainless steel liner

The stainless steel liner in the electric pressure cooker liner is the best, is the most durable and safest, and meets health and hygiene requirements. Using stainless steel electric pressure cooker liner stew the bones for a long time, the small scratches will not look out. However, there is a stainless steel tank because of the blind spot of heating, so porridge is easy to paste! Therefore, the use of stainless steel bottom rice cooker is very few, the bottom of the pot is the best alloy composite bottom, heat transfer, cooking does not paste the bottom.

Electric pressure cooker liner, material 2, black crystal liner

"Black crystal liner" uses a high-strength alloy material, bright black, high strength. Its outer surface is further processed by aerospace oxidation technology so that the surface hardness of the bladder is only inferior to diamond. The inner pot is easier to clean and less sticky. And wear resistance increased more than 10 times than common paint.

Electric pressure cooker liner, material 3, Tao Jing Liner

Tao Jing's thick tank is second only to the stainless steel inner tank. Therefore, when using double gallbladder, it is generally best to choose the stainless steel inner pottery + crystal liner, again is the color pot liner + pottery crystal thick kettle, the last is the color pot + Not sticky.

Electric pressure cooker liner, material 4, a pot of two gall

When you choose to buy a pair of gallbladder, the best choice is the stainless steel inner pottery + crystal liner, again is the color pot liner + pottery crystal thick kettle, the final is the color pot + non-stick. It is recommended that everyone should be equipped with double bile, composite coating liner is mainly used to make meat, composite coating liner is easier to absorb taste, after meat cleaning, the taste of meat may have a little residue. Stainless steel liner is mainly used for porridge, so it is not easy to confuse taste. Most of the pots are bile at the factory, and they may be sent through the sales promotion.

The above is the related content of the electric pressure cooker liner . I hope to help you, and more information on the decoration is on this site. Please stay tuned.

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