What are the modern style considerations for modern style decoration techniques?

Modern style decoration is always liked by friends, but many people are decorating the house, so the modern style decoration can not be well decorated, and there are some precautions in the process of modern style decoration. Friends don't know, but small Edited to tell friends about the decoration techniques of this style, and what are the precautions that I hope to help my friends.


First, what are the techniques for modern style decoration?

1. Simplicity is not a very simple idea. It is a higher level of creative realm. In terms of interior design, it is not necessary to abandon the rules and simplicity of the original architectural design space, to arbitrarily decorate the building carrier.

2, design this aspect and can enhance the use of functionality, emphasize the integrity of structure and form, and pursue the depth and precision of materials, technology, space, and create interiors with simple methods. It requires designers to have higher designs. Literacy and practical experience.

3, decoration This simple modern style goes deep into life and rethinking, carefully scrutinizing and meticulously refining, using the least design language to express the deepest design connotation.

4, decoration, this simple modern style can be not too cumbersome, save some simple design is to meet the functional needs of the premise, the space, people and things to a reasonable and exquisite combination, with the most refined strokes, depicting The most pleasing spatial effect, this is the highest level of design art.


Second, what are the precautions for modern style decoration?

1. The modern style decoration depends on how the space is constructed, and the design should be infiltrated according to the mutual functional relationship between the spaces, so that the utilization rate of the space is maximized.

2, the only way to divide the space is not limited to the hard wall, can be divided by furniture display and ceiling, floor materials and even according to the transformation of the light, with good compatibility, fluidity and flexibility.

3, the modern style is often easy to have problems in color design, the use of geometric lines to decorate the decoration, the choice of color is also relatively bright and bright, the color design is greatly influenced by the trend of modern painting genre.

4, the modern style is not said that there is no decoration, and the choice of interior furniture, display products and lamps in the modern and simple style must start from the overall design.

5, the choice of furniture should be in line with people's living habits and body characteristics to choose, lighting should pay attention to the different lighting effects of different rooms should be organically combined, the display of the display as much as possible to highlight personality and beauty.

The above article is about how to decorate our modern style, what are the techniques of modern style decoration, and what are the precautions when decorating such styles. I believe that friends will help after this understanding, we There is a lot of decoration information on the decoration home network, and friends continue to pay attention.

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