What is the price of rosewood bracelets? Rosewood bracelet picture appreciation

Rosewood bracelets on the market price of dazzling, what kind of pear wood bracelets relatively good price today, Xiao Bian tell you about several rosewood bracelets.

Ghost face ghost tiger skin pattern wild Hainan huanghuali bracelet old material sea yellow beads redwood bracelet 20mm Price: 345.00

Day vertical mahogany Vietnamese yellow pear 2.0 beads yellow pear bracelet 12 bracelets rosary yellow ornaments ornaments Price: 1680.00

名木香府 Authentic Hainan huanghuali bracelet 8MM108 beads rosary bracelets sea yellow wood bracelet long chain price: 522.00

Tan Zhengzong Hainan Huanghuali Bracelet Men's Beads Mountain Water Pattern Eyes Grimace Sea Yellow Wood 2.0 Bracelet Price: 580.00

The price of rosewood bracelets is introduced here first. For more information on the price of rosewood bracelets, please pay attention to GO Jiaju.

Source: GO Jiaju

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